How can I heal it quicker?

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BeautyWasTheBeast Mon 15-Apr-19 14:57:45

Because it's an open wound they want to make sure it doesn't become infected which would hinder healing.

He's a big giddy dog so sedation wouldn't be suitable for stitches. They could staple but because there is a lot of flex in the skin/area of the wound and a lot of stretching it's likely the staple will pull out.

He had an operation a few months ago and literally screamed from the second he was left to when we collected him. We could hear him half way down the street and he upset all the other dogs. So that's a last resort, we'd much rather it heal itself if possible.

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LunaFortuna Mon 15-Apr-19 14:04:14

My dog recently got a bad cut on her paw and had to have stitches. She's v nervous at the vet but she had it done under sedation. I stayed with her while they sedated her and I was there as soon as they brought her out of sedation to minimise stress. No need for a GA. Obviously it could be different in your case but it might be worth mentioning sedation if stitches are an option.

Can you see another vet? Otherwise it's just time and keeping it clean.

Not sure why antibiotics are needed if the cut is clean and not infected but that's probably a different thread smile

BeautyWasTheBeast Mon 15-Apr-19 12:52:37

Last Tuesday our dog got bitten. On the skin at top of his leg which joins his belly, the bite went right through so he has a hole. (Small on one side is scabbed over now, other side is about a big as the top of my Ring finger)
I took him straight to vets and they cleaned and gave anti biotics and said it will heal on its own.
We went back for a check up on day 4 and the vet cleaned (more like scrubbed) and gave a further course of antibiotics as it's still open. She doesn't want to stitch as it means a GA and dog gets stressed and screams the whole time in their care. But it felt like the scrubbing it undid any healing it had already done and we were back to square one. She's sure it will heal eventually but while it's open he needs antibiotics so we are to go back on day 10 to check and give further antibiotics if it's still open.

So.... At the moment it is covered with a t-shirt to stop him getting at it, but there is air flow. Is there anything else we can do to help it heal?

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