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Any advice on how to stop/fix yellow stains on grass

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Mindfullness Sun 14-Apr-19 20:24:02

Just that really. Any advice on how to fix and even better prevent yellow stained grass from my dog's urine? Many thanks

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BiteyShark Sun 14-Apr-19 20:28:45

My dog kills our lawn.

In spring I rake up the patches and reseed then follow him round with a watering can diluting his pee to stop him from killing it again.

In the winter I don't bother as it's too cold so his pee kills the lawn again and next spring I start the reseeding process once more.

You could try and teach your dog to pee in one area but I have never had any success with that.

billybagpuss Sun 14-Apr-19 20:41:37

I was told (after I'd got Billypup) that girl dogs kill the lawn and boy dogs don't. I think its been a bit better since she's been spayed but not completely sure.

babysharkah Sun 14-Apr-19 20:45:04

My boy dog doesn't kill the lawn at all, the girl did when she was here, I never realised that before! You can get wee rocks that are supposed to neutralise but I have no idea if they actually work.

MaryBoBary Sun 14-Apr-19 21:01:27

Our boy does, eve just moved and didn’t want the same problem again - took about 3 days to train him to go up the gravel path for a wee. Is there an area you could train yours to use?

MaryBoBary Sun 14-Apr-19 21:02:28

Also seen the posts that have something in them that encourages dogs to wee on them instead of anywhere else, but not used one myself so don’t know how good they are.

tenbob Sun 14-Apr-19 21:04:43

You can buy rocks to leave in their water bowl which is supposed to stop their wee burning the grass, but like others said, it’s girls wee that does it

Can you train the dog to wee on an area of gravel instead? Should be relatively easy to train

Mindfullness Sun 14-Apr-19 21:50:22

Thanks for the replies. Training to wee in 1 area would be good in theory. I just need to work out how!! I know you can buy stuff for the dogs to take, I'm just wary about what's in it. I will definitely rake over the yellow bits and re seed the area smile

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tenbob Sun 14-Apr-19 22:07:39

Training to wee in 1 area would be good in theory. I just need to work out how!!

First train your dog to wee on command - send them out for a wee and repeat your command work (I use a high pitched ‘peeeee!’)
When she starts to squat, give lots of praise (‘good peeeee’) and a treat.
Repeat every time you let her out. Most dogs will get it within a couple of weeks, some will get it a lot quicker
But it’s a really useful command to have for when you’re about to leave the dog at home, or when you stop for a pee break on a long car journey.

When you’ve reliably got her peeing to order, you can then introduce the place for her to pee. Gravel is good but some dogs don’t like the texture or noise, so you might need an alternative

Take her out on a lead or stay close to her, and lead her to the pee spot. Give the command to pee plus a name for the area (‘pee gravel?) and when she pees there, give lots of praise and a treat.
If you see her squatting to pee in other parts of the garden, just lead her to the gravel and give the command again.

Repeat every time she goes outside, adding the stress to ‘gravel’ and dropping the stress on ‘pee’
If you see her going to pee elsewhere, a quick ‘ah ah’ and then move her to the gravel

Then you’ll have 2 commands. One to pee on the gravel at home, and one to pee on command when you’re in the park or wherever else

After a couple of weeks of being made to always pee on the gravel, it should just become habit for her

longearedbat Sun 14-Apr-19 22:31:19

When we had a dog and a bitch, the bitch killed the lawn, but the dog killed the plants by peeing up them. You couldn't win.
With my current dog I top dress and reseed the lawn (or will once the weather warms up) annually, half at a time. I have to fence it off while it establishes. I also keep two full watering cans on standby so I can flood peed on areas straight away to stop the burning. Of course I miss some so I just do running repairs as and when.

daffydowndilys Sun 14-Apr-19 22:36:35


Your dog also produces nitrates which is what grass feed is made from.

Too many nitrates will kill your lawn.

Over seed and rake only.

Keep it well watered.

Dog rocks are bollocks 😁

missbattenburg Tue 16-Apr-19 09:37:38

The difference between boy and girl wee is just a question of posture. Girls tend to crouch which delivers a shot of pee to a single spot on the grass. Boys tend to cock their leg up something which helps to scatter the urine around a bit.It's the concentration that kills the grass. This is why it tends to be worse in summer: less water in the soil means greater pee concentration.

Watering your lawn every day would help as the soil would be moist and so the water in it would dilute the pee. It's a bit of a waste of water, though.

Three dogs and we haven't found any reliable way of stopping the burn marks.... sad I just spend the summer raking out the dead bits and reseeding.

BiteyShark Tue 16-Apr-19 09:40:05

My male dog pees like a girl so we get scorched grass sad

missbattenburg Tue 16-Apr-19 09:42:48

Battendog too... but then he likes to pee on the daffodils for good measure. Our garden is like a little flower graveyard.

Often reminds me of that Tom Waits song... "no one puts flowers, on a flower's grave..."

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