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snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:34:25

Tiny dog 3kg...had him 3 weeks .at first he ate his food and my other dogs given half a chance.
Had him to the vets on second day ,good check over ,wormed and fleed..vet said he needs to be near to 4 kg for the next time she sees him.end of April.
He’s 15 months
I’m struggling to get him to eat now..both dogs are on naturo .its a tray of meat with veg and potatoes.nothing else in it..with a small amount of a good quality mixer for the teeth.
We are in to our 3 week and we can still see ribs very visible.hes very slow walking as well..plus he sleeps a lot..I’ve a 2 year dog ,they get on well.but she is so much more lively than him...
I’ve had people I don’t know ask me if I’m starving him..
The vet has stressed me about the needing to be 4 kg.the appointment is in 2 weeks now...I’m resorting to spoon feeding him in bed .
He’s loving and utterly thrilled to see us each morning.you couldn’t wish for a more perfect dog...except he does look half starved..
What can I do ..

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BiteyShark Sun 14-Apr-19 18:38:55

Maybe try feeding little and often. My dog has a stomach condition and in the early days you could see his ribs which is not a good look for a spaniel. He was also not very food orientated which didn't help.

What we did was up his meals to three times a day. We rotated flavours so he didn't get bored and was more likely to eat as well as adding things like cooked fish/chicken or eggs to it so that we increased his calories.

snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:42:26

I’m doing that bitey shark...I’ve bought chicken and ham and mixed it in .im feeding him 3 ,meals a day .
He’s funny thou
He came with nothing at all.we bought everything new ,so he has new water and food bowl of his own...but he won’t eat from his bowl.he waits for my other dog to eat ,then finishes of what she leaves...I’m trying to get them to eat at the same time ,but apart ..mostly he won’t eat from his bowl thou ...

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snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:45:43

He was alone all day every day except for cats for company..I wonder if he thinks my dog is a cat ,and is used to finishing of cat food so is doing the same here ...perhaps we are to busy a household for him...he’s never alone ..I’m just clutching at straws here.

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Patchworksack Sun 14-Apr-19 18:48:11

I'm a vet. I think the expectation to put on a kg in a month for such a tiny dog (30%bodyweight) is unrealistic, I'm sure the vet would be pleased with 10-15% weight gain in that time. I'm more concerned about a 15m old dog being sleepy and not keen to exercise, no matter how skinny. Are you sure there is nothing else going on? Don't be worried about your vet being 'cross' this is a problem to tackle together. Try small frequent meals, probably of a puppy/junior food which will be formulated for weight gain, but if you are still struggling or demeanour doesn't improve ask for a blood screen.

snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:52:10

He’s walking slowly because he’s sniffing everything in sight ...he has no recall at all..he’s on a long flexing lead ,and he can run when he wants to....sorry didn’t mean to miss lead...I don’t think he got out much before ,I think he spent the day sleeping..the vet was visibly shocked when she saw him...most people are ..

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BiteyShark Sun 14-Apr-19 18:54:12

Is it the same bowel as your other dog?

Could you try feeding your big dog and then just putting his food in the same bowel to be fed after.

Mine often goes through odd stages where he won't eat if we are in the same room. Then sometimes he won't eat unless I am in the same room but with no eye contact. Sometimes it's the odd little things that stop him eating and I have to try and work our what's wrong.

If you are feeding wet have you tried to put it on a licky mat or something similar. He might prefer it if he is used to eating off the floor or similar.


snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:54:59

We are back at the vets for a check up on 29 th April ..I will be mentioning everything of course ,and take things from there..tomorrow I will get some puppy food ,see if he prefers that

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Bigsighall Sun 14-Apr-19 18:56:28

Our vet gave us some high calorie prescription food and a paste thing when our dog needed to put on weight. Worked well

snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:58:44

Yes bitey shark ..if he is eating and anyone moves or talks or startled him he scatters immediately.ive been putting food on a mat next to him ..we’ve been making a hell of a mess with the meat..my other dog is small as well but has good appetite

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snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:00:55

Biggie I might well end up with that I expect.
He looks like a very small half starved fox

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JaneEyre07 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:02:56

My cocker spaniel went through an awful phase of not eating enough, and got really skinny (he's a very anxious dog). He had bloods/stool samples to check for anything which were all clear, so we just went with the little and often approach and built it up gradually.

He adores roast chicken, especially the skin, salmon again with the skin, and scrambled eggs. Also tinned sardines are nice and oily. We did 5 small meals to start with, and even now he's a really good weight for his size, he still likes 3 small meals a day compared to one big one.

snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:05:33

Ok that’s an idea I could go to 5 meals a day .ive not tried to many human foods as I was worried of upsetting his tummy ..I can certainly try salmon and scrambled eggs..we are all vegan so not many tit bits going sadly

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OverFedStanley Sun 14-Apr-19 19:13:16

Im a bit confused.

Is he eating his food?

Is he lethargic and sleeping a lot?

OverFedStanley Sun 14-Apr-19 19:16:13

There is no way you will put 1kg of weight onto a 3kg dog in a month - that is 33% of his weight. 4kg may be the recommended weight but do not expect to do it in a month.

snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:17:14

He’s not lethargic ..
He’s nibbling his food ,I think that’s the best way to describe it.he looses interest in the food and wanders of ,or a movement /noise scares him off

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babysharkah Sun 14-Apr-19 19:19:03

Has the vet done a blood glucose check?

snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:19:28

Vet said ..I want to see him at 4 kg for the next appointment..I don’t think he’s gained any weight at all if I’m honest..he’s pooing twice on every walk thou

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snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:19:59

No checks done yet .none

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OverFedStanley Sun 14-Apr-19 19:22:26

Ok so he if he is healthy and vet is happy with him then he needs to settle down to eat.

It is hard when you have a dog that seems skinny and does not appear to eat much but forcing food onto the dog can make them less likely to eat.

The highest calorific dog food on the market is one by Millies Wolfheart called Peak Perfomrnace It may be worth giving them a ring. millies

As it is high calories he will not have to eat so much of it but still get a lot of nutrients - worth a try if he is bored or distracted eating.

OverFedStanley Sun 14-Apr-19 19:24:32

But do not worry as I said before there is no way he will gain 1kg in a month - can you pop into the surgery and talk to the vet nurses they will be able to reassure you and maybe help you with this.

BiteyShark Sun 14-Apr-19 19:26:09

I would defintely think about making a safer space for him to eat if noises or movement spook him.

CatMomma Sun 14-Apr-19 19:39:29

Went through something similar with my nervous cat. He used to have a very good appetite and then suddenly refused to eat and got dangerously skinny. He won't eat human food and we went through loads of different wet foods. Turned out he loves dry food. I pop a nice handful in a dog puzzle feeder bowl so he doesn't bolt it and leave him alone with it in a quiet place. I also keep a wide variety of treats on hand and try and give him a little bit of something different every day. I also found cat gravy sachets helpful to encourage him to go back for seconds when he's showing signs of going off his meat again.

It sounds like you feed your dogs lovely high quality food. Maybe try a few tins of cheap stuff? If he's been neglected then that might be what he recognises as food.

snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:49:46

Thanks everyone ,much appreciated...I’m going to try to feed them separate and get him on higher calorie food..I think I will pop him back to the vets for a weigh in this week ...even a tiny gain would make me feel better.

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snowdrop6 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:52:28

He was on Aldi own make complete pet food....he’s not touched it while here .i tried to offer it the first few days ,but he didn’t even eat one .they did tell us he was a fussy eater..but I just thought he needed a change of food...

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