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10 month Pup in hospital

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Password12 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:44:54

Worst day today. Pup vomited at 6am, then vomited a few more times. Absolutley normal yesterday , ate fine, etc. Then became listless and very cold. Vets transfered to hospital for further test etc.

So far she is stable but her liver enzymes are high (indicative of toxicity) She does eat grass and everthing at every given opportunity (so we are hypervigilent about this).
Spent 3 hours at hospital waiting for vet and filling in forms.( With our kids as no one to watch them). Estimated costs 2 to 4K! Thank goodness for insurance.

Not really why I am posting this, but I've no one else to talk to. Want to cry but trying to be strong for my kids. Does not help my youngest is upset and making her a special card!

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BiteyShark Sun 14-Apr-19 17:49:22

Fingers and paws crossed for your puppy. It's so hard seeing them unwell and the waiting is horrible thanks

Password12 Tue 16-Apr-19 05:46:05

Thanks Biteyshark.

There was fluid around her liver... possible injury ( she did try jump onto side table and slipped off) shes very petite.
Good news, fluid has gone shes perking up. 2nd night in vet hospital, hoping she comes home tomorrow if ultrasound all clear.
P.s word to all get the best ins you can. Our est was our yearly amount of 4k. I'll be taking out the top amount now. Could not imagine if I couldn't get her treated.

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BiteyShark Tue 16-Apr-19 05:53:08

So glad she is better and hoping she is back home soon grin

Yes we have the £4000 a year life cover and it's not enough really as we have claimed around £5000 already and he is only 2.5 years old. However we are stuck with it because the number of preexisting clauses would be too much to change now.

Be careful though of just upping the limit and it defaulting to a new policy as 'everything' your puppy has been to the vets for including this visit will be preexisting and you want to get that sorted upfront so you know what will or will not be paid out (don't leave it until you are haggling over a claim).

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