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cantsleep1 Sun 14-Apr-19 15:09:08

Hi all just looking for some advice or tip and hi we'd go about getting a rescue dog ?
Giving one a new start seems a lovely thing x

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Nesssie Sun 14-Apr-19 15:13:20

You need to think about what you can offer in terms of space, garden, exercise, time alone, training, lifespan. This will help you narrow down breeds.

Do you have the time/patience for a puppy, or is an older dog better?

Then think about what you are going to do with the dog whilst you are at work, going out in the evening, weekends away, holidays etc.

Look at insurance costs, vet practices near you.

Then look at some rescue centres near you, explain what size and excise needs you are looking for.

Don’t just jump in for the first dog suggested and the one hat looks he saddest. You need to find the one that will fit in with your life the best. Don’t be afraid to say no, don’t be afraid to ask to go away and think about it, come back for multiple visits etc.

florentina1 Thu 18-Apr-19 08:46:59

I got my Rescue 2 years ago. We started by looking at the big sites like Battersea. That way we learned about the procedures that we needed to go through.Then we trailed through the dogs available to see if a particular breed appealed to us. It is interesting to read the dogs background, as this helps you understand what is acceptable to you and what you are capable of, in respect of care.

I also got a book on Rescue dogs, so that we had and idea what was involved. We both agreed on a breed and then went to a specific breed rescue site.

LimeJellyHead Thu 18-Apr-19 14:38:52

Treat getting a rescue the same way you would getting any dog... consider his/her breed, needs and character and choose a dog who suits your lifestyle. A good rescue would help you with that, like Dogs Trust.

Good luck. All my dogs have been rescue and I would never get a dog any other way. Woof smile

MrsCasares Fri 19-Apr-19 19:39:16

Rescue dogs make fantastic pets. We got our dog from Dogs Trust. He was 3 years old when we got him. We where his 3rd home. He is 7 years old in July. He has so enriched our lives.

We are both retired, but do voluntary work. We just make sure we stagger our voluntary work so little one is not left alone.

Good luck. The dog you choose will steal a bit of your heart.

joystir59 Sun 21-Apr-19 06:47:05

We have had Milo the Jack Russell two years today! He is 6 and we are his third family. He has been and will continue to be a work in progress as he is unpredictably aggressive. It's been two years of highs and lows and a deepening bond of love and trust. He requires a lot of input from us including 2 hours min walk time a day plus mental play time plus plus plus. The rewards are enormous though. We love him and he loves us.

sulee Sun 21-Apr-19 07:47:20

We have two rescues at the moment, and have had several before. I agree, take a good hard look at what you can offer in terms of commitment to exercise etc, how long you will need to leave him/ her etc then approach reputable rescues to see which dogs fit your criteria. Be prepared to be a bit flexible in terms of breeds/ looks etc- temperament is much more important. Dogs may have issues which are more problematic to some people than others- one of ours Is reactive to other dogs out walking, which we cope with, however a previous dog had dreadful separation anxiety which drove us nuts!
I know many people who have had dogs from puppies who have problems too and a good rescue will offer ongoing support and back up. It’s so rewarding to see the progress and know you have changed a little life for the better!


Paperdolly Sun 21-Apr-19 07:57:12

The Dogs Trust seem to do it right. Beautiful kennels with lots of chances of getting a feel for the dog’s personality. The RSPCA (I used to work for them) have a strange idea of asking you to choose a dog from a catalogue. 🤪

A friend was advised to have a Beagle type by a local charity and being a hound ( pack animal) it was a disaster for a first experience of owning a dog.

Nothing else to say but good luck and great for choosing a rescue. Get that 6ft garden fence built 😉

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