Rescue & health issues

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Unmumsyme Sat 13-Apr-19 01:09:00

We are considering adopting the sweetest little dog from a local rescue centre. She’s around 4 or 5 but guesses ar that she’s had an utterly horrid life to date.

The main concern is the state of her eyes. She arrived with severe infection in both - one has pretty much cleared but the other still funky and possibly damaged. There is talk of ‘dry eye’ and also of enucleation. It’s also clear that she’s had multiple litters. .

On paper it seems daft to adopt a dog with potential health issues, but there is something about her.... just wondered if anyone had any experience/insights to offer really. If we did go for it she would be our second dog.

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Palominoo Sat 13-Apr-19 06:37:20

It’s possible that your insurance company won’t cover pre existing conditions so make sure you can financially cover any long term or life long medication or the possibility of any operations.

Although I have heard that some rescues will agree to bearing the costs. However, you don’t want any disputes further down the line so find out and get anything in writing.

Veterinari Sat 13-Apr-19 06:45:34

Has she had a proper ophthalmic exam? Gunky eyes are usually caused by dry eye which may require lifelong medication, infection, or in-growing eyelashes which may require surgery.

You need to get a proper diagnosis and advice on the long term cost implications

BiteyShark Sat 13-Apr-19 06:51:35

As PP mentioned I would be concerned about covering the cost of any treatments for their eyes given that it's a pre existing condition. And anything else that is discovered before you get the insurance sorted.

You need to ask yourself are you happy to cover vet costs yourself (which can run into thousands depending on the condition/tests/treatments etc) and are you happy to be going back and forth to the vets as needed.

Unmumsyme Sat 13-Apr-19 08:23:00

Oh dear, yes...this confirms all the concerns that I have. She is awaiting a thorough ophthalmic exam Veterinari which, if I’m honest with myself, I suspect will indeed confirm dry eye and damage.

This may be one that we have to walk away from I fear, which I feel enormously guilty about. How can people be so AWFUL? It’s heartbreaking sad

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