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Insurance for Great Dane puppy

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babynumber3eek Wed 10-Apr-19 19:21:11


Sorry for another insurance question, but I want to be sure we are making a wise choice! We have just brought home our new GD puppy and so she is currently covered by the Kennel Club insurance for 5 weeks. We have done various quotes for her and for our other two non-pedigree dogs and the cheapest, with the best cover, is coming out as Bought By Many - lifetime cover of £15,000 vets fees a year. No contribution bar the excess of £69.

I'm wary of 'new' companies and don't want to be left high and dry if we have a claim and then they vanish, or if they are slow or poor to pay out on any claims.

Does anyone have any experience of them, especially a claim being made? The comparative quotes from KC and Petplan etc are astronomical in comparison, even with things like 4 months half price etc.

Thanks xx

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Hoppinggreen Wed 10-Apr-19 19:35:39

Hard to say without a photo

Diddleysquat Wed 10-Apr-19 19:53:09

A photo would help wink
We are with BBM and they have been great so far. Only one is on the fixed for life policy as she was the only one I have had since a puppy. I have claimed nearly a grand in the last 6 months following an adverse reaction and they have been amazingly easy to deal with. Always paid up within a few days of receiving the notes from our vet.

babynumber3eek Wed 10-Apr-19 20:15:45

Sorry, I totally forgot how essential photos are!!!

Meet Flora!

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Bluntness100 Wed 10-Apr-19 20:18:04

I can't answer but she's gorgeous 😍

missbattenburg Wed 10-Apr-19 20:20:55

I have that same BBM policy for Battendog. I have had to make a few claims - but for smallish things. The biggest was a lip operation that was about £500. They have been no problem at all to deal with.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 10-Apr-19 20:32:53

I would heartily recommend PetPlan - I think they are worth the cost.

Ddog2 (a rescue lab-pointer cross) ruptured the cruciate ligaments in both knees, and needed two big orthopaedic operations to sort that out, plus all the x-rays and consultations during the course of treatment, and a further orthopaedic op when she dislocated her kneecap (a rare complication of her other knee surgery) and the consequent x-rays and consultations for that, and an admission and treatment for a gastric ulcer caused by the painkillers for the patellar dislocation. The cost of this added up to a grand total of a shade over £10,000 - and PetPlan not only paid up without a murmur, but paid the vet hospital direct, so we didn’t have to find the money and claim it back. And her premiums didn’t go up hugely the next year - they went up by a very reasonable amount.

SwimmingInTheDeepBlueSea Wed 10-Apr-19 20:56:29

Just wanted to say sort the company you wish to use fast because if something happens whilst you're on KC free insurance you will end up either stuck with KC or having exclusions put on policies with other companies.

userxx Thu 11-Apr-19 14:21:29

She's just beautiful.

babynumber3eek Thu 11-Apr-19 19:56:23

Thank you all for your comments- obviously including the comments on her gorgeous self! We've taken out the policy with BBM as it saved around £150 a month on Petplan etc- crazy!

Fingers crossed it is wasted money anyway! x

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userxx Fri 12-Apr-19 10:33:14

Lets hope so. Its definitely worth having insurance for the bigger breed dogs, our greyhounds were always at the vets for something or other and they look like tiny compared to your girl!

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