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frankiefirstyear Wed 10-Apr-19 19:03:52

Hi does anyone use a dog poop bin where you part bury the bin, use some sort of capsules and put the lid on?

I'm considering one but am worried it's no good or not as easy as it seems. I have a small garden and one big dog who will only poop in the garden and not on walks. I also have a LO but I can position the bin in the corner and block it off.

Just wondering if they smell, how long it takes to break down and whether one bin is enough, do they attract flies, are they easy to use? Any information or experience would be gratefully received.

Thank you 😊

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Diddleysquat Wed 10-Apr-19 19:44:20

I used one but found it a bit gross to be honest. In the end it just got too full no matter how many capsules I used or how much stirring and watering of it I did. Also the lid shattered. It was just a bit crap (pun intended).
Then I got DH to dig a fairly deep hole and bought some eco sound digester powder from Amazon and it’s been perfect. It’s not overflowing despite having three dogs. It doesn’t smell and the poo seems to disintegrate in the hole. All good.

frankiefirstyear Wed 10-Apr-19 19:54:15

Yes I did wonder if it would be harder work than it seems. Thank you, I will give it a miss then thank you 😊

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