Anyone up? My old boy is ill.

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AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 02:09:21

My dog has prostatitis. He's been hospitalised, but home tonight because he wouldn't eat. They hoped home comforts and favourite foods would tempt him. So far no luck (came home about 10pm).

I'm on the living room floor with him tonight. DH has gone to our bed, as he's working tomorrow.

Any hand holding or advice gratefully recieved. I'm so scared he's not going to pull through this. (He's almost 13, a Lhasa Apso.) He's been asleep but wakes up crying and tries to change position then dozes off again. Going back to vet first thing in morning so trying to just let him sleep and not worry too much, so I can get some sleep, but its easier said than done

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Flower777 Mon 08-Apr-19 02:17:36

Aww so sorry OP. Sounds so tough. It definitely sounds like a good idea to try and get some sleep. Maybe he will eat a little something in the morning?

Are you somewhere comfortable enough to sleep?

Try and get a little rest and I will keep everything crossed that your dear boy feels a little bit better tomorrow xxx

SneakyGremlins Mon 08-Apr-19 02:18:26

I don't have a dog but couldn't let this go unanswered flowers I'm sorry OP.

Is he not eating anything at all? No chicken? sad Poor boy, I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

Thisisthelaststraw Mon 08-Apr-19 02:25:54

Poor boy sad
Hope you both manage some sleep and he gets better soon.

Is he taking water? Maybe try some softened food that he can just lick without having to chew.

Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 02:26:29

I am so sorry op, and I hope this doesn’t upset up. We lost our dog to this a couple of years ago. I’m here if you need to talk. Given the choice tomorrow let him stay at the vets on meds and a drip, he may improve. I do hope so x

AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 02:35:40

Thank you so so much for being awake and answering!

I've got our duvet and blankets, I'm comfy enough. I could move to the sofa, but Ozzi (dog) woke up and did a strange panicked howl when he didn't see me straight away. so I want to stay where he can see me easily. He's snoring now beside me.

He wont take anything to eat at all. No chicken, no cheese, no pâtè no treats. He hasn't eaten properly since Thursday night, just a few mouthfuls on Friday. Maybe just feels a bit off from anti-biotics/ painkillers and will eat in the morning. I hope so.

DH kept telling me to just calm down before he went to bed. He's very much "you can't change this. He'll get better or he won't" (DH is not usually this insensitive. He's usually the one crying about giving medicines.

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AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 02:44:06

He wont take water thisisthelaststraw.

Alice I'm so sorry to hear that. He was on drips at the vet all day yesterday and today. My gut feeling is they'll suggest more tomorrow - if they offer, I'll gladly accept. I hate seeing him like this. (He's awake and crying again). They didn't give us anything except an antibiotic away with us. Said the injection of synthadone would keep him out of pain. My fear is they say there's nothing else they can do for him. sad

DH says he's probably crying because he's uncomfortable and confused, which vet said to expect. He is steadier on his feet now. @alicewond how long did you have with DDog after he was diagnosed?

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Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 02:54:39

@AndroidSheep I hate answering as I don’t want you to feel worse. I took him to the vets on a Thursday, took him home Sunday as wasnt eating and may settle better at home. Took him back Monday morning and had to put him to sleep that evening, he was too poorly and hurting. It was awful but the best decision for him. It was over two years ago but I still remember sitting up all night with him when he was so restless. I do think he understood I was there with him though and it made him happy for his last day at home

Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 02:58:48

I would say as a positive note that vets said he could have survived but did also show signs of lymphoma previously undiagnosed which had weakened his immune system. Therefore there could be a positive ending for you still x

Bookworm4 Mon 08-Apr-19 03:06:30

I'm the same, currently on sofa with my dog; she's recovering from mast cell tumour removal and can't do stairs. If you have a syringe use it to get water into him just squirt to back of mouth, chicken with a watery gravy might tempt him to eat.
When you go back to vets ask everything you need to; even take notes, it is horrible to see them ill and possibly be facing some awful decisions; I lost another of mine last year; always make the choices that are best for him no matter how difficult for you. I'll keep you & Ozzi boy in my thoughts xx

Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 03:09:45

@Bookworm4 hope he/she can fight through xxx

AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 03:10:15

Thanks @Alicewond. I appreciate your honesty.

I've had a feeling all day that they wanted to give him a last night at home, I'm actually slightly comforted to know that I'm not being crazy or over dramatic. I've taken him in a few times over the last year or so for what I was sure was pain, but they could never find any source or evidence of it. They never checked his prostate, and I'm highly suspicious this isn't acute and bacterial at all.

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AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 03:16:00

Thank you bookworm. I hope your girl picks up soon.

I do have a syringe for his anti-biotics. I also have some puppy milk I bought incase that would tempt him. Would you give that a go or just stick to water? He's sniffing at chicken now. He cried a bit then went back to sleep.

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Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 03:17:08


Like I said it could have been complications with my boy so hopefully it’ll be different for you. But I do remember also feeling like something was really wrong, my hubby going to bed and telling me not to overreact, I stayed downstairs anyhow as couldn’t leave him alone. I’m glad I did x

Bookworm4 Mon 08-Apr-19 03:24:51

I would definitely syringe the water, keep him hydrated, the gravy might work just very watery, I've been feeding boiled rice with chicken and she's scoffing it up.

AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 03:24:52

That's exactly our situation Alicewond. There's no way I'm leaving him tonight
Fingers crossed he's not leaving us either!

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AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 03:27:13

smile Ozzi usually loves chicken boiled with rice. It's funny how they just hover it up, glad your girl is keen on that.

I'll try some water when he wakes up, thanks!

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Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 03:29:11

Give him an ear scratch from me and tell him he can’t go anywhere!

mcjx Mon 08-Apr-19 03:31:48

Thinking of you OP, how terribly heartbreaking. I have a Lhasa who I adore to pieces and simply can't imagine having anything happen to him sad

Stay strong ❤️❤️

AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 03:55:23

Alice I just told him the opposite, that if he needs to go, that's okay. I love him to pieces, but he's obviously so sore. He's finding it hard to walk..DH thinks it's the drugs.

I just phoned the vet back. She recommended making him stand, put leaf v on and take him out for a pee. He managed to stand and walk about on grass, and had spotted crying.

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AndroidSheep Mon 08-Apr-19 03:58:16

* lead
*has stopped crying.

Thank you mcjx. How old is your Apso? They're such wee characters aren't they?

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Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 04:04:08

I’m sorry it’s reached this stage, do you have to wait until you can take him back to the vet? I said the same things to my baby that he could go and it was ok, but that was when I knew it was the end. The injection the vet gave at least made it painless, he was a good dog. I will stay awake with you op for whatever you need x

mcjx Mon 08-Apr-19 04:04:10

@AndroidSheep I'm so incredibly sad for you sad bless your little boy.

My archie is 5, I've attached a picture of him. He's actually a cross between a shih tzu and and apso but vet told us he is more apso.

Yes they are characters indeed! ❤️

mcjx Mon 08-Apr-19 04:06:16

Also I second @Alicewond, I'll be awake too if you need anybody OP xx

Alicewond Mon 08-Apr-19 04:08:37

@mcjx couldn’t see the pic but happy us dog people are together x

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