When to get a new dog?

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shpongle30 Sat 06-Apr-19 18:38:37

We unfortunately had to have our loving dog put down a month ago,
We all miss him so much.
Dd1 (14) wants a new dog ASAP
Dh wants to wait a year or two
And I flirt between wanting one now or wanting to wait.
Blue was very much my dog and I'm still crying every now and again over him.
We have all agreed our next dog breed and I have seen some puppies for sale and I'm not sure if I should wait or not, looking at the pictures I have fallen in love, but I'm not sure I can cope with heartbreak again.
Blue was only a year when he was pts (due to a heart condition) and we only got his ashes this week.
What. Would you advise or what would you do??

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LizzieMacQueen Sat 06-Apr-19 19:03:25

I'd get one now (on the basis that it's a reputable breeder etc.).

One year old, that's so young. 💐

shpongle30 Sat 06-Apr-19 19:53:58

This was blue.
I think dh and I need to have a big discussion, I'm leaning towards waiting until after the summer holidays and looking.

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mumsiedarlingrevolta Sat 06-Apr-19 19:57:37

So sorry re your darling dog.
I had this decision after losing my 15 year old boy last Spring.
I repeatedly said no dog while looking up puppies on line
My DD said "it's not home without a dog" and that was it.
Best thing we ever ever did.
There is no right or wrong time...
But I think if you're getting one then just get one

LizzieMacQueen Sat 06-Apr-19 19:58:57

Oh, he was sweet. Long summer holidays are a good time to house train a new puppy though ... good luck with the search.

shpongle30 Sat 06-Apr-19 20:24:14

Thank you, I'm a sahm to 7 children ranging from 14-4 so I was thinking get the summer holidays over with and get the youngest settled into school so I would have more time with pup to train again etc,
We are looking at a border collie which I grow up with.

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