Introducing cats to new puppy

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RedWoodenStatue Fri 05-Apr-19 06:38:06

You guys have helped so much so far with tips for new pup.
we are now day 4 and the cats arnt too impressed. They have all of upstairs and a spare bedroom to themselves. They have food, beds litter tray, catnip toys in there. I've got a felliway plug in.
The cats will sit on the stairs and watch puppy. ...yesterday little cat came right up to sleeping puppy and puppy woke up and barked at cat so now cat is petrified. Little
cat won't let me pick her up now.
Old cat isn't too bad, he sleeps all day anyway and is still sitting on my lap and purring.
Any tips to help things along please? I know it's early days but I feel so sorry for little cat, she's usually such a loving little thing and now I think she hates me!

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CMOTDibbler Fri 05-Apr-19 13:17:33

You just have to let time take its course. Have you got baby gates in place so the cats have a fast exit route but can come and go?

RedWoodenStatue Fri 05-Apr-19 13:25:49

we have a baby gate and the cats have 4 bedrooms upstairs. the older cat will come down stairs but little one has lived upstairs since tuesdaysad came down once and got barked at.

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SuperheroBirds Fri 05-Apr-19 14:33:24

Just give it time, but also it might be that the cats never come back down as much as they used to. When we got our dog, we did a similar thing to you and gave the cat the upstairs. His cat flap and food are downstairs, so he does come down, but 3 years on and he still spends most of his time upstairs snoozing on beds!

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