Cushings disease, dosnt look good

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Cherylshaw Thu 04-Apr-19 23:37:14

Not really sure why I'm posting this to be honest just feeling really down about my poor dog.

We have an 11 year old chihuahua who was diagnosed with cushings a month and a half ago. It started with excessive drinking and after some blood tests were told that's why.
He has been put on vetoryl 10mg daily and we were told we should see an improvement, but so far he seems to be doing worse. He is drinking about 6 bowls of water a day and goes out in excess of 20/30 times a day to per and still has accident in the house.
He has tripped and fallen on his face quite a few times in the past two weeks and just sits in the corner in an uncomfortable manner refusing to lie in his bed for what ever reason.
He is still eating well and the vet says he isn't in any pain.
His last blood tests came back really good almost normal, but he looks and is acting worse every week.
Is this just how it will be now or are things not looking good?
Just looking for any advice or tips from people who have experienced this.
Sorry for rambling on just worried

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Lonecatwithkitten Fri 05-Apr-19 09:43:26

Cushing disease can be caused by a pituitary microadenoma, but in very rare cases it can be a macroadenoma and if your dog was one of my patients I would be suggesting a neurology referral and an MRI. The RVC is removing some macroadenomas and having good results.

Springersrock Fri 05-Apr-19 10:13:46

Our dog had cushings

Do you know where the tumour is? Ours was on his adrenal gland.

We didn’t see much of an improvement in the first few weeks of being on the vetoryl, they had to play with his dosage quite a bit. His blood tests were fine, but the tumour pressing on his adrenal gland was making it all go a bit haywire iyswim but he did improve and get almost back to his normal self

We got 9 or so months from the diagnosis to losing him and he did have a good life in that time, he went down hill very suddenly in the end

We did discuss removing the tumour with our vet and he was referred to a specialist who wanted to do an MRI, biopsy, then removal - but it’s a huge op with side effects and lifelong medication. We had a good long chat with our vet and came to the conclusion that at his age, we didn’t think it was in his best interest

Cherylshaw Fri 05-Apr-19 11:33:33

The vet said that the tumor is on the adrenal gland but she also said he had some liver damage aswell and when the last lot of blood tests came back it looked like the damage was worse. I wonder if that is what is causing some of the behaviour.
We have an appointment next week for more bloods so I will have another chat about his behaviour.
Thank you for your replies

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Cherylshaw Fri 05-Apr-19 11:35:32

Sorry for your loss

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Karwomannghia Wed 10-Apr-19 08:02:49

My boxer had it and when she was really bad she’s run off in the park and we’d always find her drinking the river water continually until she was sick and then start again. Then do rivers of wee as well everywhere. It was very difficult. For quite a while the vet said it was psychological and then did every test under the sun to eliminate everything else before doing the cushings test. She was on vetoryl. Search for the cheapest provider, we used animed, you upload a prescription. Might not be a big difference for a small dog.
In the end she had another suspected rumour as she started toppling over and her head on one side. She was 13, we decided enough was enough 😢

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