Tips for Husky Meeting Newborn

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VixenAndCub Wed 03-Apr-19 20:12:12

So this is my boy Link! He's an Alaskan Husky and he's been with me since he was a puppy - over 4 years together, over 2 with my partner!

Now my partner and I are expecting our son - due the end of this month. I was wondering if anyone had any tips with introducing a dog and newborn?

Just to give you guys an idea on what Link is like: he's incredibly affectionate. He loves people and especially kids - likes to kiss everyone. He can at times jump up but only ever on adults. He likes to roll over for the kids to reach his belly. He never jumps up at parents with babies. Not does he run up to prams when on our walks. He gets walked/runs every day so his hyperactivity is really low. He's actually incredibly lazy, sleeps a lot of the afternoons away. He is not destructive and doesn't steal food.

What I've done so far for him: played a video of a baby crying on my phone and placed it around the house. 1st time he went to find the source and gave it a sniff - then got bored. 2nd time onwards he looks up but then goes back to whatever he was doing, shows no interest. I've also let him sniff the new furniture so he's used to the scent.

Is there anything else I can do when my son finally arrives? I want what's best for both boys.

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Nesssie Thu 04-Apr-19 10:33:26

Practice walking with him and a pram so he knows where to stand, how not to get caught up in the wheels etc.

When you bring the baby home, go in first (without baby), say hello etc, let him sniff a blanket. Then bring the baby in, either in your arms or the car seat. Don't take the baby to him, allow him to come over if he wants. Lots of calm praise. Very short introduction, and then move on.

It may take a bit of time, my friends dog was not happy at all about the baby arriving, she would growl, snarl, bark etc, bite your legs if you were holding the baby etc. 3 months in and she will happily sleep on your lap whilst you are holding the baby. Just takes time and reassurance.

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