Small nick on dog's leg - what to do?

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DirtyDennis Wed 03-Apr-19 14:28:49

My dog was groomed the other day and the groomer nicked the skin at the top of her back leg on the "edge" where the front of the leg meets the inside of the leg.

Not very technical. Here's where I mean (that's not my dog, just got it from Google).

It's a really small nick but seems to be irritating her a little bit, especially in the mornings.

I'm putting sudocreme on a couple of times a day to soothe it but is there anything else I can/should do to help her?

TIA so much!

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DirtyDennis Wed 03-Apr-19 15:24:03

Hopeful bump

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Nesssie Wed 03-Apr-19 15:40:15

The skin is very thin there so breaks easily, and because of the movement of the leg, may take longer to heal. I would leave it alone for now, try to keep it clean and stop dog from licking it.

Jabbythehutt Thu 04-Apr-19 00:07:00

As per Nesssie, but I’d not use sudocreme unless you know she definitely isn’t licking it off as it can cause zinc toxicosis. Medical grade manuka honey would be better or salt water bathe for a few days

scarus Thu 04-Apr-19 06:05:01

My vet recommended Hibiscrub you can get it from Boots or online
Helps stop infection.

I put 5 mL in 250mL of water and keep in a bottle in the fridge.
Put a little bit on a tissue and wipe the affected area twice a day.

IheartCaptainHolt Thu 04-Apr-19 06:47:07

I got some antibacterial wound powder from pets at home for my dog that is great for minor injuries like this. Keeps it clean and dry.

PersonaNonGarter Thu 04-Apr-19 06:57:19

This stuff is absolutely amazing - Lanes Tea Tree - really quick healing. I use it on us and the dogs. Really worth a try.

It tastes grim so they don’t lick it off.


Daisydoesnt Thu 04-Apr-19 07:07:04

To add to comment from Jabby, vet told me just the other day do not use sudocrem on dogs it is poisonous.

BiteyShark Thu 04-Apr-19 07:10:46

For small cuts and grazes I wipe with diluted hibiscrub (as advised by my vets) and then do everything to stop him licking it for a day or two. Usually that is enough for it to heal.

adaline Thu 04-Apr-19 07:19:09

I use manuka honey on cuts for my dog. Works really well and it's dirt cheap - plus it's not harmful if they lick it, unlike sudocreme.

DirtyDennis Thu 04-Apr-19 10:02:44

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for this. I was told by a vet nurse that sudocrem was okay for dogs when my dog cut herself before hmm

I'll stop using it now. I actually have some Hibiscrub in the bathroom so I'll start using that from now on.

Yes, the skin is really thin so it'll take a while to heal. She's not licking it but she seems irritated by it. She keeps whipping around as though she's got an itch, and when she stretches it seems like she's not stretching full on that side - I'm assuming the skin feels tight for her.

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