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Rescue lurcher feeding - still quite skinny!

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wellawell Wed 03-Apr-19 13:08:23

Hi all
I have a 10 mth old rescue lurcher pup (not sure what he has in him!), who seems happy, loads of energy, lots of walks, play and training going on, and am feeding him (dry food) the recommended weights for his age and size split into breakfast and dinner (just moved down to two meals from three a day), plus occasionally add tinned fish to supplement, as well as veg, treats when training etc, he never seems hungry but he still looks really ribby - not emaciated at all but can see his ribs when he is lying down, running playing etc... He has been growing fine, beautiful shiny coat, very happy dog and is the picture of health otherwise. I know these breeds are naturally very lean but wonder if I should be feeding him a bit more? Adding higher calorie foods to his diet? Understand it might be a bit of a difficult question to answer as all dogs are different. But any ideas or pointers welcome! Thanks

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CMOTDibbler Wed 03-Apr-19 14:32:32

I'd put him back onto 3 meals a day, and give him more food than recommended on the bag - those guidelines don't work very well for lurchers at the best of times. Even my adult lurchers have their food adjusted up and down to keep them on the right weight (can see last two ribs).

Of course if you post a photo, we can look at his weight better <hint>

Whitney168 Wed 03-Apr-19 16:00:11

I find I have to keep males on 3 meals a day much longer than bitches, at least to 12 months but often several months longer than that. Juvenile active boys burn through a lot of food!

Also, don't worry too much about the recommended weights on the pack, they are very much a guideline.

I'd chuck the third meal back in, ignoring the recommendations for weight (so extra food, rather than just split between 3 instead of 2) and judge whether that's right by his condition in a few weeks rather than the guidelines on the bag.

I do feel it's important to keep to the three meals as well as increasing the quantity, they seem to hold weight better with that.

Monsterdogs Wed 03-Apr-19 17:11:41

I wouldnt worry too much about it (as long as vet is happy). Dogs (all animals that have been studied, actually) life on avg 2 years longer with a 25% fewer calories than recommended.

Chocolateisfab Wed 03-Apr-19 17:16:03

When our Lurcher first came it was porridge for breakfast!! Dried food for lunch and meat +dry for tea.
Spent over a year trying to bulk her up.
Ain't happening!!
Ribs still visible!!

chickensaresafehere Wed 03-Apr-19 18:15:22

Our rescue lurcher is the same.
Can't get her to put extra weight on. She looks very similar to Chocolate's.
She hasn't got the best of appetites,unless it's snaffled food from the kitchen worktops!!

Chocolateisfab Wed 03-Apr-19 18:17:50

We have managed very very successfully to add raw and cooked veg to her diet! Her coat is amazing now!! She has gone from a yard ddog to a sofa sloth!!

wellawell Thu 04-Apr-19 11:41:19

Ah, thanks all for the good advice! Will bring lunch back in again and see how it goes.
@Chocolateisfab - gorgeous! Yes, sofa sloth here too smile
Some pics attached!

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CMOTDibbler Thu 04-Apr-19 11:57:46

Such a pretty girl! I love the black ones. Fish oils really help to keep them shiny and beautiful, and we feed ours sardines or pilchards once a week, plus dried sprats as treats. They all adore the sprats

fivedogstofeed Thu 04-Apr-19 13:02:36

Dried sprats for treats have loads of calories. I have used Sardines or mackerel in oil, and raw egg for fattening up the skinny ones.
Takes time though, especially if they're active.

Chocolateisfab Thu 04-Apr-19 15:21:04

Oh am very envious op!!
He is handsome!!
My dotage is going to see me as the Lovely Lurcher Lady!!
2 just isn't enough!

wellawell Thu 04-Apr-19 16:30:03

@Chocolateisfab I'm a very proud mum smile lurchers are just lovely aren't they.

Thanks for the sprats tip all!

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Coulddowithanap Mon 08-Apr-19 08:18:39

Our lurcher pup is the same. Totally normal to see their ribs.

bluetongue Mon 08-Apr-19 12:19:58

He’s still so young at 10 months. My whippet has only just started looking good weight wise at 2 years old. He’s still eating puppy food too. Some of the sighthounds just seem to take a while to mature.

I fed my boy 3 meals day for as long as I could. I’d go back to the 3 meals as long as he’s happy with the arrangement.

Whackaguacamole Mon 08-Apr-19 17:56:51

He's lovely! We've been trying to stop our rescue boy looking so knobbly. All the food in the world just seems to pack muscle on him but does nothing for his ribs. At this point he looks like he's hitting peak week in a body building competition, would love his metabolism...

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