Adolescence rebellion!

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Pringle89 Tue 02-Apr-19 06:51:13

Thanks @BiteyShark makes me feel better that this can happen with adolescence, will carry on with the toilet and back in crate and ignoring him / hard thorough as his barking wakes the kids up!! Felt so cross last night, but he’s soon forgiven!!

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BiteyShark Tue 02-Apr-19 06:31:51

My dog started to hit the teens at 6 months of age with the shittiest period between 8-9 months.

For the first year we had many regressions in behaviour including sleep and anxiety. It's so tempting to give in but I just went back to basics each time so for me that meant out to toilet and back in crate (we still used a crate at that time) and repeated until he worked out that he wasn't going to get the attention he wanted at 3am hmm

Pringle89 Tue 02-Apr-19 06:18:48

Hi, our pup is 6 mth we old and has definitely got more independent, however I wondered if change in sleep was also linked to adolescence, or if anyone else experienced it?

He’s always gone into his crate and slept all night, waking between 5-6 (ouch!) but the last week he’s waking at random times in the night, I’m letting him out to the toilet and then putting him back in his crate, which massively pisses him off! (Keeps barking unless you lay in sofa next to him) me and DH have had two shitty nights on and off the sofa, but lastnight I ended up taking him out when he woke at twelve (had only gone to bed at ten so unlikely to need the toilet) and then ignoring him as I’m not sure what else to do. He eventually went back to sleep.

I’ve tried the crate in our room but he just whined (presumably he wanted to be on the bed!) and I don’t Actually want to start having him on our bed (although I know he would prob sleep better!).

I thought the sleep deprived days were over, can’t do it again, so I just need to stay strong? Or maybe now he’s bigger I could risk letting him have the run off the kitchen at night, maybe he’s gone off his crate?! Wahhhhh I have no idea

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