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MaddieBee Mon 01-Apr-19 23:19:05

Adopted a Lhasa apso mix/maybe part shih tuz and she's 5 years old. Great little dog and very well behaved. Having trouble finding a food that she likes. They suggested dry food was best but she has stopped eating it. Tried mixing wet food with it however she had very bad diaharea (sp?) for last 2 days because of the new wet food. Just feeding her rice today but she's not eating much. Stomach may be upset because of diaharea. Any advice or opinions greatly appreciated. Am on limited income however want her to be healthy and happy. Thanks

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chuffnstuff Mon 01-Apr-19 23:30:57

Not really understanding the reasons at the time, but got sick to death of runny poos, I switched my boy to raw, pre-packaged. It's been nearly 3 months and we've literally had zero dodgy poos. Also now feed completely natural treats. I swear he's better amongst himself. I don't regret trying and believing in it.

pigsDOfly Tue 02-Apr-19 00:06:17

Try feeding her several small meals over the day of boiled chicken in with the rice for a couple of days. Plain rice is very boring.

How much of the new wet food were you giving her? A new food has to be introduced very gradually - at least over the period of a week -especially when switching from dry to wet or vice versa.

Icklepup Wed 03-Apr-19 10:05:51

Lily's kitchen

stucknoue Wed 03-Apr-19 10:08:00

My boy isn't keen on dry but it's the one that keeps him healthy, we mix in a tiny bit of wet

doingwhatican Fri 05-Apr-19 17:39:47

We switched to wainwright’s trays after ours stopped eating the dry food. We tried switching, mixing in other things in. Yes we could probably have waited her out but now she licks the bowl clean, seems happy so everyone is a winner. If you buy bulk, it’s not too expensive and it gets good reviews for nutrition.

adaline Fri 05-Apr-19 18:59:39

If she has an upset stomach I would feed something plain for a few days until her poo is back to normal - either chicken and rice or salmon and potato.

Then, slowly mix in whatever you want her to eat with that - it should take 7-10 days to switch completely. I would go for a grain-free food with at least 70% meat content.

We feed a mixture of foods with that kind of content and we haven't had sloppy poo in months. Preferred brands include Wolf of Wilderness, Lily"s Kitchen, James Wellbeloved, Step up to Naturals, Wainwrights and Millies Wolfheart.

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