Help being eaten alive by fleas!

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Crazyladee Sat 30-Mar-19 10:45:29

I've counted at least twenty flea bites in clusters starting with my feet and going upto my waistband.

I've two dogs who are regularly deflead with advocate. They are definately flea bites as my bites are identical to those on Google.

So far ive

Boil washed the dogs bedding
De flead them with advocate again
Have lemongrass oil burning in a aromatherapy diffuser
Yesterday I sprayed the house and furnishings with vet strength flea treatment (indorex)

Today I've woken up to fresh bites. No one else in the family is getting bitten at all! What else should I do? When will i know the indorex has worked?? In the 15 years I've had dogs this has never happened before!

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Crazyladee Sat 30-Mar-19 10:46:27

Sorry for the layout of my OP.. I have no idea why it took out all my punctuation!

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MrsCasares Sat 30-Mar-19 11:55:45

We use bravecto for our dog and I’ve never seen a flea. Might they be immune to advocate.

MoniqueTonique Sat 30-Mar-19 12:13:07

The indorex kills every stage of the life cycle apart from the chrysalis stage. The chrysalis lays dormant in the carpet and furnishings, then when they sense warmth and vibrations from someone walking past,they hatch. I once returned from a holiday, cat had passed away before we left, when we entered the house we could see the buggers popping out of the carpet and onto usenvy Actually only onto my DH and was eldest DS, they didn't seem to like me or youngest DS! We picked each one off and drowned it in soapy water, then sprayed everywhere. It was not an experience I wish to repeat!
If the flea treatment on your dog is working, the remaining hatching fleas should bite your dog and die, hopefully ending the infestation.
Good luck, its awful to live through.

Crazyladee Sat 30-Mar-19 15:38:21

It is bloody awful you're right. Feel like im literally being eaten alive! Is it worth getting some bravecto? Would I have to leave it a few weeks before treating the dogs again?

As for me, I'm covering the bites with germolene and taking piriton tablets. They are still itching like crazy. I also have chronic psoriasis so my skin looks a right mess at the moment!

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