Shampoo for very sensitive/allergic dog.

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Honeyroar Thu 28-Mar-19 22:24:33

Thank you. I will have a look.

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TopDogs2019 Thu 28-Mar-19 00:15:25

You could try Dermacton (amazon), really good for sensitive/allergy prone dogs, smells lovely, and the shampoo bar lasts ages. Also, I know alot of people recommend the Childs Farm brand of baby shampoo. x

Honeyroar Wed 27-Mar-19 23:41:50

Can anyone suggest a good shampoo for a dog that is allergic to lots of things. We've had a few bottles of sensitive puppy shampoos that were good, but they've run out. The vet suggested baby shampoo, but it doesn't seem to clean her as well, or comb through as easily. She's a little dog, mostly white, with very long hair, so gets quite dirty!

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