Did I make the right call?

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LadyBahBahBah Wed 27-Mar-19 20:29:33

Dog quite elderly (rescue from the council pound) we bonded instantly and have had 7 glorious years. Around 8 months ago she was diagnosed with arthritis. She's always been a happy soul and I and DH were agreed that as long as she seemed happy she should continue to live a lovely life with our family.
This morning I rose at 6am and she was lying outside our bedroom door (not usual) for her.
She was panting and salivating (again not usual) refused her food (3rd time this week) just kept pacing around and making awkward positions (for her) like the pain had become too much to put up with.
Long story short she was PTS just over 5 hours ago.
She seemed to rally at the end, was enthusiastic about getting into the car and into the vets.
Vet double questioned me about if I was absolutely sure regarding my decision (she was seeing a happy albeit elderly dog)
I knew my dog. I know she wanted me to end her pain. But I can't help feeling I made a mistake sad

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doggydoodoo1 Wed 27-Mar-19 20:31:50

You absolutely did the right thing. Better a day early than a day too late. Hugs xxx

DramaAlpaca Wed 27-Mar-19 20:33:23

From what you say I think you've done the bravest, kindest & best thing for her, before she was really suffering. You know what they say - better a week too early than a day too late. It's desperately hard though, isn't it? flowers

CheekyFuckersDontGetPastMe Wed 27-Mar-19 20:33:24

Oh, I’m sorry. I think we know our dogs and you only acted with her best interests at heart.

Be kind to yourself

RandomMess Wed 27-Mar-19 20:37:26


You did the right thing.

cherryblossomgin Wed 27-Mar-19 20:44:52

You made the right call. She might of perked up because she sensed your energy or she knew that it was time. I am sorry for your loss. thanks I've never been the one to make the call but I can't imagine how hard it is.

LadyBahBahBah Wed 27-Mar-19 20:47:19

Thank you to all who have replied- wasn't sure if I'd get flamed.
Can't believe that this time last night she was laid at my feet and this afternoon she's gone and in a weeks time I'll be collecting an urn with her ashes.
Don't know what to do with her things - collar and lead are still in the back of the car. But she had several other collars and leads that she'd worn over the years and her beloved toys and feeding bowls.

I just want her back!

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Hollywhiskey Wed 27-Mar-19 20:51:05

Oh god I felt like this with my horse. She was elderly, had arthritis and metabolic illness that meant I could never retire her to a field and the dose of painkillers was starting to have side effects. I ramped up the dose for her last few days and put her in a field full of grass. Then her friend came by and she was prancing around like her age had just left her. I spent more than a year second guessing it, it hurt so much.
All I can say is it does get better, time helps until eventually you look back and smile not cry. And it really is the last kindness we can do for them, our way of thanking them for years of friendship.

villainousbroodmare Wed 27-Mar-19 20:52:52

It's not a kindness to wait until every star is gone out in their sky.

UrsulaPandress Wed 27-Mar-19 20:54:14


Bigsighall Wed 27-Mar-19 20:57:00

Rather a day too early than a day too late.
You did the right thing

Chocolate35 Wed 27-Mar-19 20:57:27

Aww you know your dog better than anyone and they find their way of communicating. Good on you for putting her out of her misery. You must be in bits. Sending hugs.

Chocolateisfab Wed 27-Mar-19 20:59:34

Just back from the vets myself. Saw a family taking their beloved pooch for it's final visit. Their teen ds left the room and came out sobbing. It's not like you took the easy option op...
Sorry for your loss.

LadyBahBahBah Wed 27-Mar-19 21:06:50

HollyWhisky thank you for sharing your experience with your beautiful horse - and all those who have posted. A massive heartfelt thank you - strangers on the internet holding my hand - you really have helped me.

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Babyfoal Wed 27-Mar-19 21:09:56

Absolutely the right call. A lucky dog to have owned you thanks

DogHairEverywhere Wed 27-Mar-19 21:29:22

You did the right thing, as you say, you know your dog. You wouldn't have made this decision lightly. He's not in any pain now.

user1471465525 Wed 27-Mar-19 21:32:20

You did the right thing ,sorry for your loss.

ForTheLoveOfDoughnuts Wed 27-Mar-19 21:34:45

@LadyBahBahBah we had something similar with our old boy. Gradually went down hill till he had a number of fits. Was so a sorry state. Booked a vet appointment for the next day. The morning of the appointment he had a lovely last walk and seemed to really rally. I like to think he knew and he was ready. He was 17. I know it was right but doesn't make it any less heart breaking.

LadyBahBahBah Wed 27-Mar-19 21:49:15

'Fortheloveofdoughnuts' this is what is bothering me - the rallying. Early this morning when it was just her and me she was imploring me with her eyes and actions and very obviously in a lot of pain. Cue arrival of DC 2 (hotfooting it fromUni) and DH and DC1 spending the day cradelling her - she seemed her old self!
But she was my dog and only me walked her, fed her and ultimately cared for her

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LadyBahBahBah Wed 27-Mar-19 22:46:32

Every room I entered was met with the almost base bat thudding of her tail. Every time I entered the house whether it was after 5 minutes or 5 hours the tail was stupidly wagging. She was a brilliant pub dog - everyone loved her and would give her loves and cuddles!
I am broken without her .

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UrsulaPandress Wed 27-Mar-19 22:54:06

Have you a photo you can share?

LadyBahBahBah Wed 27-Mar-19 22:56:41

Last ever photo before she left

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UrsulaPandress Wed 27-Mar-19 23:09:35

She’s beautiful.

TinselAndKnickers Wed 27-Mar-19 23:12:17

She is beautiful OP. You have given her the best life and absolutely made the right choice. So sorry for your loss but well done for being strong enough and kind enough to your dog to make the decision thanks

babyno5 Wed 27-Mar-19 23:20:13

@LadyBahBahBah wanted to send you a great big hug. You did the kindest and bravest thing for her 💐💐.
I dread when that time comes for me. Mine is a rescue too. Got him when he was 6. Always say I wish we'd got him sooner so we could love him for longer.
I saw a lovely idea where the feeding bowls were used as planters.
So sorry for the loss of your fur baby xxx

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