Seperation toileting?

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No52 Mon 25-Mar-19 15:09:50

Ddog is 9 months old and up until the last couple of weeks was doing really well with his toileting and hadn't had any accidents indoors for quite a while.

DH had to go away with work and the change in routine seems to have upset DDog and he now urinates on his towel/blanket/bed when alone and scrunches it up as if to hide it.

I have put his old crate back up (to save it soaking through to the carpet) and he is happy to go in there when left but will urinate on his bedding in there either when left home alone or if left to sleep alone at night.

He was used to being left alone for up to 3 hours previously and had been left uncrated for that amount of time too with no accidents.

Any ideas on what I could do to help him? He seems to toilet quite soon after we have left as his bedding is wet no matter how long he is left for and is given time to toilet in the garden before he is left.

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OverFedStanley Mon 25-Mar-19 17:47:32

First I would get a vet check he could have picked up a urine infection or have a health issue

Also consider if as your DH is away is your dog still getting the opportunity to get out to wee or has his exercise regime changed if it is just you doing it?

How much time did your dog spend with DH during the day has his routine changed a lot - I doubt your DH just being away generally would be causing this (but I am not there in rl so could be way off!)

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