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Saying goodbye this evening - hand hold needed

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Minxmumma Mon 25-Mar-19 13:50:23

We have a beautiful gentle giant who has been with us 3 1/2 years after we rescued him. He is huge but the kindest soul with the biggest heart.

Sadly last week he jumped and seriously damaged his spine. The vets have been in to see him most days but the decision had to be made today as it just seems cruel to keep on while he is in pain and immobile. Treatment options are very limited and offer scant chance of success with months of recovery.

My heart aches at saying goodbye to him this evening, and even more to see my older dc broken. I know we will recover, I'm not sure what makes me cry more, losing him or watching them suffer.

I don't think I have cried so much in years. Since it happened I have had a feeling it would come to this but hung onto any positive sign. In some ways I will be so relieved he isn't in pain any more but what will I do without my clumsy shadow knocking cups off tables and standing on my feet every day.

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pumpkinpie01 Mon 25-Mar-19 13:58:01

Ah, thats so sad, sending you a big hug. Seeing your DC upset is horrible no matter how old they are. Its going to be a tough sad evening in your house, sorry.

Absolutepowercorrupts Mon 25-Mar-19 14:04:53

Aw, I'm so sorry, it's a really shit decision to have to make. Hugs and flowers
It's best for him but your heart must be aching, and for your dc too.

Shinesweetfreedom Mon 25-Mar-19 14:08:40

Peace to you all,I am so sorry and bless you for giving a rescue dog the best three years of his life.

Kayleidogyn Mon 25-Mar-19 14:54:03

Sending you hugs - found out my 10 yr old staffy has cancer 3 weeks ago. It was aggressive, so had to have surgery. I have been in bits & the mere thought of losing her was killing me. You are doing the right thing, so he isn't in pain, how ever much it breaks your heart. Hope you're okthanks

fikel Mon 25-Mar-19 14:58:20

Oh no that’s awful, sending lots of love. I’m a first time dog owner, he is 2 1/2 and I already get upset imagining that day.
I’m sure you gave him a wonderful life xx

BiteyShark Mon 25-Mar-19 15:58:28

I'm so sorry thanks

AmIBU123 Mon 25-Mar-19 16:03:10

I'm so sorry OP. How heartbeaking for you and your family. It is deeply upsetting sadflowers

Stick together. Cry together. Laugh about him together.

DP and I often talk about our beloved dogs from our childhood. They're never ever forgotten.

AllGoodDogs Mon 25-Mar-19 17:14:15

I'm so sorry OP. We lost our lab last weekend and it is the most awful thing we've ever been through. The children miss him terribly.

I don't know how old your DCs are, but I bought mine cuddly dogs of the same breed and colour, and a collar and name tag for each with his name on so they have something to cuddle. It seems to have helped them.

I hope this evening goes smoothly for you and your boy flowers

Minxmumma Mon 25-Mar-19 20:36:25

Thank you all for your lovely thoughts. He went peacefully at home surrounded by those who loved him and in the arms of my son.

We are all distraught but time will heal the raw grief we all feel right now. I know in time we will laugh about his antics.

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AmIBU123 Mon 25-Mar-19 20:52:22

Bless you all. I'm so glad you were all together. It sounds like he had the most loving and peaceful ending flowers

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