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whatalifethisis Mon 25-Mar-19 11:35:19

We are due to get new pup in 2 weeks time when he will be 10 weeks.

A couple of years ago after receiving the Kennel Cough vaccine our then 15 month old dog nearly died. He ended up in a specialist unit for 4 days at a cost of £5,500.

Since then I have not let either of my dogs have this vaccine, they don't go to kennels but they do go on group dog walks.

They were both 5 months old when I got them so had already had their initial puppy vaccines.

There is such conflicting advice everywhere I look but I am terrified of letting a dog have this vaccine now.

Does anybody know if it is thought to be essential for young pups or have any experience?

Thank you

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BiteyShark Mon 25-Mar-19 11:43:02

KC vaccination is like the flu vaccination for humans. It only protects against the strains in the vaccine so even if you have it you can still get KC.

I have given my dog KC vaccination every year since he was a young puppy as he goes to daycare and lots of training classes so mixes with other dogs. For me it is worth it and we have had no side affects.

So no it is not essential but you may struggle if you do need them to go into kennels in an emergency as most around here require it and you need to have had it a few weeks before boarding.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Mon 25-Mar-19 12:25:52

Did the vet say it was due to the vaccine, or is it possible it was coincidence?

tabulahrasa Mon 25-Mar-19 15:19:43

I’ve never given KC vaccines to my dogs - I don’t use any services that require it and as biteyshark says it’s like a flu virus in that it only covers some strains anyway.

I do follow all the recommended vaccination regimes, but I don’t feel there’s any benefit in my situation to do KC on top, so I don’t.

whatalifethisis Mon 25-Mar-19 19:35:05

Thank you for you replies. Avacados no the vet didn't say it was due to the vaccine, they went down the coincidence/underlying condition route as I expected.

All I know is I took my lively and seemingly healthy dog to the vet and four days after the vaccine he nearly died.

During the numerous tests he had, Bordetella was found in his lungs.

I think on balance I've made the decision not to let him have it. I think the peace of mind outweighs any chance of him ever needing emergency kennel care.

Thanks again

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