Please tell me if you think I'm mad...

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itsabigboooooat Fri 22-Mar-19 21:15:55

I've always wanted a dog, lived with my in laws when they had a puppy so I'm aware of the work that is involved. But we have a 2 year old and an 8 month old baby. Would it be mad to take on a puppy that needs lots of attention and training whilst were already so busy?

I'm currently working part time in the evenings when DH is home. We live in the new forest and I'm seriously considering getting a whippet pup in the next year.

I didn't want a dog when we were both working full time but now that we're both much more home based I feel like it might be a good time in a year or so?

Any advice would be much appreciated, it's certainly a big decision.

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yearinyearout Fri 22-Mar-19 21:17:36

Yes, you're mad.

LittenKitten Fri 22-Mar-19 21:27:16

Whippets are the best!!! But I’d wait a few more years. I found the puppy stage hard with a 4 and 7 year old.

Wolfiefan Fri 22-Mar-19 21:30:41

Completely bonkers. You can’t take your eye off a puppy or it will chew or mess somewhere you don’t want it to. They need training and walking and socialisation.
I wouldn’t even consider it until children are about school age. They need to be old enough to know to leave a sleeping or eating dog alone and never climb on the dog etc.

Notrusthere Fri 22-Mar-19 21:31:17

I had a puppy before I had a baby...piece of cake

Got another puppy 4 weeks ago, with a 7 year old...So so hard.

I can't imagine doing it with younger children. I spent the first 2 weeks resenting the pup because it was taking away time with my son. My son is pretty much independent now but even so it was hard to just leave him to his own devices for 30 minutes at a time whilst I dealt with puppy.

I'm not saying don't do it, only you can decide if it would work for you. I just know I couldn't have done it with a younger child

Costacoffeeplease Fri 22-Mar-19 21:32:58

Bonkers beyond bonkers

Singlenotsingle Fri 22-Mar-19 21:33:05

Get an older dog. We're looking after a 1yo pup atm, and she's a nightmare!


Chocolate35 Fri 22-Mar-19 21:34:44

Yes you are mad, toilet training a dog while two little ones run around sounds like a total nightmare. I’d wait a few years. I adore my dog but the puppy stage is full on and so is two young children (as you well know). Plus when the kids are a bit older they can get more involved and learn about caring for them.

DramaAlpaca Fri 22-Mar-19 21:35:15

I'd wait until your children are older, personally. Pups are hard work & I wouldn't want a dog of any age, however lovely natured, around very small children.

itsabigboooooat Fri 22-Mar-19 21:36:45

Thank you all for your replies. I think deep down I knew it would be too much even in a years time! I was hoping someone would tell me it would be fine grin

I think you're right and that we should wait a while so that we can give the dog our full attention when lots of training is needed at the start.

DH thinks we need to wait until dc2 is at least 3/4. Maybe he's right on this one!

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Notrusthere Fri 22-Mar-19 21:48:41

I'd say wait until your youngest can be left alone for 30 minutes without the risk of electrocuting themselves 😅

But that goes for a puppy, an older dog may be an option? Unfortunately many places will not rehome with young children

nespressowoo Fri 22-Mar-19 21:49:26

Mad as a box of frogs

Tatiebee Fri 22-Mar-19 21:56:19

You'd be mad to get a puppy I'm afraid. I'm a childminder and could never manage to train up a puppy so I adopted two retired greyhounds instead. No house training needed as although they'd never lived in a home they are trained to keep their kennel clean. They're amazingly gentle and placid with the children and don't need much exercise. My two are the soppiest, sweetest dogs ever.

MultipleMum5 Fri 22-Mar-19 22:18:24

Wait till they’re at school. I’m so glad I waited- no way could i have done it with babies at home.

PencilFace Sat 23-Mar-19 10:21:13

I got a whippet when my DC3 was 17 months old and it was fine, he was a fairly easy puppy though. I wanted to get all the chaos over with in one go!

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