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Tulipsarefab Fri 22-Mar-19 14:56:46

Hi, just wondering if you can help me with my new puppy plan.
I have two children, just secondary age, and we are hoping to get a puppy in the summer.
We would be at home all summer with the dog and after that the plan is that I would walk the dog for half an hour at 6am. Then the dog would be left at 8am out in our brick play house, it would have access to our large secure yard.
At 10.00 and 1.00 a dog walker would visit for 15 minutes each time.
My children would be home at 2.45 and could then let the dog in the house.
I would be home at 4.30 and would take the dog for an hour long walk or run on the beach after tea.
Does that sound ok? I’d hate for the dog to be lonely or bored.

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Nesssie Fri 22-Mar-19 14:58:54

Allowing a puppy access to the garden whilst you aren't there is risky (theft) and won't help with the toilet training at all.

Tulipsarefab Fri 22-Mar-19 15:01:10

We have a high wooden gate which is locked and are on a main road opposite a pub so I feel that we are at fairly low risk from theft.

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crazycockerlady Fri 22-Mar-19 15:11:07

Personally my dog would bark it's head off if left outside. It never barks inside just outside. What's your plan if that happens?

Tulipsarefab Fri 22-Mar-19 15:16:30

It would be more than welcome to stay indoors, I just thought it would be happier outside.

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Tulipsarefab Fri 22-Mar-19 15:17:23

Would it be best in a whole dog-proof room or a play pen if it preferred to be indoors?

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Nesssie Fri 22-Mar-19 15:28:16

Inside is better.
Too much stimulation outside, he/she wouldn't be able to settle.

In terms of your timings, then yes that sounds fine as long as home alone time is gradually built up over the Summer. And of course, research how much exercise your breed can have at each stage of its life, over exercising can cause bone and muscle problems later on.


billybagpuss Fri 22-Mar-19 15:53:06

I'll second the indoors while you're out, hopefully then it will just sleep.

You probably won't be doing the hour long walks until this time next year but that plan sounds good to me.

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