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Older dog peeing inside

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ForumUsername Thu 21-Mar-19 21:03:57

My mum has a 10 year old Westie who is very close to me and is a real pet!
I had a DD last year
Myself DD and DH have been staying with my mum for a couple of months
Westie isn't a massive fan of DD
She stays away from her unless DD has food and then she'll Hoover and pick up after her.
We make sure DD leaves her be when she obviously doesn't want her near
DD has been crawling nearly two months and has managed to corner Westie a few times - at which point I'd step in and move DD so she can escape to mums room and her own bed

Mums little Westie used to rarely have any accidents inside, if she was left inside for too long she'd go on the mat in the bathroom
But over the past few months she's peeing more and more inside (on the mat in the bathroom,at the back door, in the middle of the kitchen floor, on the hall carpet)
To the point where it's nearly every day, sometimes more
We thought at first it's because she was getting old, then we worried she might have a kidney problem so brought her to the vet. She's gotten a clean bill of health from them

Beginning to think it's behavioral and possibly because of DD

Sorry for long post but does anyone have any advice to help?
Cleaning up after her is a right pain 😂
We also want her to be happy and comfortable x

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babysharkah Thu 21-Mar-19 21:05:37

Did the vet check her blood sugar? Could be diabetes. Is she very hungry and / or thirsty?

ForumUsername Thu 21-Mar-19 21:11:30

She is really thirsty
I'll check with the vet in the morning to see if they tested for diabetes

Thank you

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