Small car for dog

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Usernamewhat Wed 20-Mar-19 22:25:31

Great, thank you very much. I will have a look online and consider these suggestions.

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SilentShadows Wed 20-Mar-19 20:34:10

I've had two Fiesta's (and two dogs), and love them size-wise for just me and a dog.

First Fiesta with the first dog, who always sat in the boot and loved it - she felt it was her personal space.

Second Fiesta with second dog who sits on the back seat on a dog cushion - she's still a puppy and gets a bit too upset in the boot at the moment.

Muffinbutton Wed 20-Mar-19 07:04:53

We went from a Mini (dog went in via the boot but we had half the seat down so he walked round and sat in the seat that was left up) to a Fiesta. Now he just goes in the boot it is so much better mess wise.

Girlintheframe Wed 20-Mar-19 06:49:51

I have a mini. Medium sized dog goes on the back seat (with covers) no problem. Dh has a Volvo (Mid sized C30) and dog goes in the boot. Mini looks small but is surprisingly roomy!

Usernamewhat Tue 19-Mar-19 21:37:44

Evening ladies,

Excuse the first world problem but I currently drive a fiat 500 and use car seat covers to protect the upholstery.

I literally drive to and from our local country parks twice a day with the dog in the back (and my DS10). It's proving difficult to manoeuvre the dog in and buckle him up without banging heads and getting filthy.

Are there any small cars or v. small estate cars that make ideal dog mobiles?


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