How to get a rescue pup

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Carouselfish Sat 16-Mar-19 10:06:21

In a home with a four year old? We already have a 6 year old collie cross rescue and both dog and child are well trained to be around each other. However, I want a smaller, more child friendly breed that can be 'her dog' in name and want to get one under 5 months old. What's the best way of doing this as I know many rescue places won't re-home with children that young? I understand why, but we are very experienced dog owners with lots of time and space to give a lovely life.

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Oxfordblue Sat 23-Mar-19 00:09:41

Enjoy what you’ve got. Your 4 yr old doesn’t need their own dog, go & buy them a new toy.

IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere Sat 23-Mar-19 00:17:29

Our son was two and a half when we rescued a young dog privately. We already had two dogs and he just assumed we were getting this dog for him. I can understand your reasoning for getting her her own dog. Our son had his dog walking to heel (without a lead) and returning to his whistle within a week. As a family with a well trained child I think it is great for a child to have a dog, no matter how young they are.

Obviously we had full responsibility for our son's dog, feeding, exercise etc but the strongest bond she had was with him.

Could you perhaps find an older puppy on FB? We got our dog through an ad there. I had posted that we were looking for a youngish dog and someone put me in touch with a lady looking to rehome just what we were looking for. He was younger than we expected - under 6 months - but perfect.

Some rescues will rehome with children, especially if the child is already confident and respectful like your daughter. Maybe look for smaller, private rescues?

reindeesandchristmastrees Sat 23-Mar-19 18:41:24

We’ve just got a 4/5 month pet through perrera dogs uk. There are other charities Wendys woofers etc.
In some countries puppies are left in kill shelters and need a home.
Get a home check and then you are in a great place to find a dog that needs a home that also meets your criteria (for example we dud to want staffy breeds)

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