Would you let your friend know - if many other dog owners were not happy with her dog?

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StarlightIntheNight Fri 15-Mar-19 10:45:56

I am a little torn on whether to say anything. I have heard loads of comments about my friends dog, that he is too aggressive, as he has gotten in a few fights with other male dogs. My dog gets along with the dog so there is no problem there at all...they play lovely together. But there are many others who are not found of the dog and get angry. They make comments saying the dog should be on a lead (and only off lead when its not busy times at the park). I would say 6 different people have made comments (some not knowing I'm friends with the owner of the dog). I like the dog a lot and have never had a problem with him...but so many others seem to get really upset over him and want to get him away etc. I am thinking its probably not my place and I should just leave it to others to tell her they are not happy?

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adaline Fri 15-Mar-19 11:00:03

It's a difficult one.

Chances are she's already aware of the issue - most decent dog owners know their dogs faults (after all, no dog is perfect) and do their best to manage things so their dogs don't get stressed or anxious on walks.

I do have to ask though, if he gets into fights is there any reason he's not on a lead at all times? If my dog was aggressive there would be no way I'd let him off the lead to potentially cause injury to someone else or their dog.

tabulahrasa Fri 15-Mar-19 11:26:16

She must be aware of it? I mean, you can’t be breaking up a fight and not noticing

longearedbat Fri 15-Mar-19 11:30:16

Does your friend say 'aw, he's only playing' when he rushes up to strange dogs while haring about off the lead? If it is upsetting other dogs owners it's because they don't know the dogs intentions. I am terrified if a large powerful does homes in on me and my small dog. I have had dogs attacked in these circumstances and the owner is often metres away (often on the phone), has no control, and then likes to make me seem in the wrong by saying 'he only playing' or 'he won't hurt you', and giving you a pitying look as if you don't understand dogs.
Your friend should control her dog at all times and if she can only do that on the lead, so be it.

adaline Fri 15-Mar-19 11:39:39

She must be aware of it? I mean, you can’t be breaking up a fight and not noticing

Lots of dog owners seem totally oblivious in my opinion! Mine was attacked and got bitten as a young pup and the owner didn't even apologise. He tried calling his dogs off and one completely ignored him - the owner made no attempt to get his dog away and didn't seem remotely bothered about my dog getting hurt.

I now have a dog that's scared of terriers because of one incident where the owner failed to control his dogs. Now I have to keep mine on a lead and change how I take him out because otherwise he'll react towards other dogs. It frustrates me no end!

StarlightIntheNight Fri 15-Mar-19 12:13:53

I guess she is aware of it...but probably not to the extent it actually is....of people talking about her dog in the park and getting angry/annoyed.

I think she things it takes two to tango. So for example its only some male dogs the fights happen with so for example if they might bark or do something that sets her dog off then her dog will go all in and get aggressive (but never hurt another dog....just too aggressive and of course you would worry it might hurt another dog). I have seen the dog play very nicely many times...especially with my dog or if my dog is playing with the other dogs. I think the issue is male dogs that also might have a bit of aggression in them so like they set each other off.

My dog has been attacked by another big dog, but luckily was okay. And I too was wondering why the heck that big dog was allowed off leash...especially when the owner apologised and said the dog does that sometimes!!

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tabulahrasa Fri 15-Mar-19 15:39:31

So he’s not actually fighting then...

Either playing aggressively or just being a bit bossy and overly aroused?

In which case, yes she needs to work on it, but it doesn’t sound like he needs to be on lead all the time, she just wants to recall him when he’s not behaving ok.

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