Anyone any experience with wags n wet noses dog rescue?

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BettySweaty Tue 12-Mar-19 23:04:52

Just that really.

We are supposed to be adopting a dog from them soon, but I've just seen a strange review of them on line. Granted the review is from one man, and all the other stuff about them had seemed fine, but its got me thinking...

Anyone else had any dealings with them?

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mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Wed 13-Mar-19 13:18:44

Is that what you meant? I know nothing of them but googled them and was surprised to find that the very first post on their facebook page was a plea for more money and their bank details. It put me off, rather. They don't seem to be a registered charity (I did a search on the charity register). I'll be interested to see if anyone knows more about them.

DogInATent Wed 13-Mar-19 15:19:29

To be honest, they look as dodgy as a £3 note.
- No website.
- No named persons involved.
- No physical address.
- Donations to a personal bank account.
- Not registered as either a charity or a business.

In the field of animal rescue where "informal" is the normal, this is much more informal and dodgier looking than the average.

kamillaw Wed 13-Mar-19 22:42:15

I defo dodged a bullet with them... I ended up with a puppy as my kids are young. (2,4 and 8) last year.

Birgit2 Fri 28-Jun-19 16:16:58

We had our gorgeous boy from then last year.
Very supportive and helpful.
Yes they do ask for donations, but the number of dogs they try to help is unbelievable.
Most come from kill shelters in very bad condition or are abandoned street dogs.
They also rescue a large number of abandoned puppies which is not cheap.
I can highly recommend them and I'm a dog fosterer myself for other charities

MrsPaddo Mon 19-Aug-19 16:08:26

I too had our dog from them. They were fantastic. Our little boy arrived with all his paperwork/passport/immunisations and he has been great. I have children and they sent many videos of him with children and he is great with them. We paid £300 which covered his transportation and they have offered great advice and support.

Swinnyd Sat 21-Sep-19 11:26:37

Hi, did you end up adopting? I have seen a few dogs too which I'm interested in but I'm unsure :/


suggs21 Mon 23-Sep-19 18:07:25

We adopted a dog from them late last year, and the support and advice was second to none. We have rescued before from a uk rescue and they as rigorous in their checks on us as dogs trust were when we adopted from them. We received regular videos and photos of our chosen dog and we had support pretty much 24/7 after the dog arrived and we had some settling in issues we needed help with, on toilet training and such matters, they couldnt have been more helpful. I will definitely be adopting through them again and I have recommended all my family and friends to adopt through them too. We have now 4 Wags dogs in our extended family all thanks to our new arrival last year who we are absolutely delighted with. I would say, not a registered charity no, they dont make any secret of that, they are a bunch of kind philanthropic ladies,, who just love animals and who work totally for free at the rescue, nobody gets paid a thing, they all do this simply for the love of dogs, which I think is incredibly noble. I would highly recommend them.

Snuffles84 Thu 02-Jan-20 14:15:56

They import dogs with falsified paperwork who haven’t had the correct checks and tests to enter the UK.

LochJessMonster Thu 02-Jan-20 15:45:57

@Snuffles84 I assume you have first hand evidence of that?
Seeing as 3 posters above have had good experiences with them...

Scarsthelot Thu 02-Jan-20 16:52:20

You mean the 3 poster who only have ever posted those posts?

Yeah, that seems legit.

LochJessMonster Fri 03-Jan-20 10:23:30

As opposed to Snuffles84 who has a grand total of 2 posts both saying the exact same thing (but providing no proof) for 2 different dog rescues? hmm

Scarsthelot Fri 03-Jan-20 10:26:58

I wasnr vouching for snuffles. I was however pointing out the dodgyness of the 3 people who tipped up with positive stories.

sterrett Fri 10-Jan-20 09:42:25

I cannot praise Wags 'n' Wet Noses enough! We are adopting "Sandy" and the documentation, advice and help given has been first class throughout. The veterinary care has been superb and a veterinary nurse even travels on the van with the dogs all the way from Hungary.

As grandparents, we needed a dog that we knew would be tolerant with two, sometimes boisterous, and sometimes shrieking, little toddlies. The dogs are all checked to see how they behave with children as well as with other dogs and they do try to be very honest with their descriptions.

I wonder why there are three bad reviews? Is it because people feel that there are enough rescue dogs in the UK without importing more from overseas? Don't these dogs deserve a cosy home and a loving family too? With UK rescues, it is very hard to find "toddler friendly" dogs as so many are in shelters because of behavioural issues. "Street dogs", on the other hand, may need a little toilet training and time to adjust, but tend to love kids because it is often the children that persuade their parents to "buy a sausage or a biscuit for the poor doggie".............

Snuffles84 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:02:58

They are as dodgy as they come, please use a reputable, transparent and registered rescue.

sterrett Sun 01-Mar-20 22:09:55

Sorry but I can only speak as I find and Wendy Feather and everyone I have dealt with at Wags 'N' Wet Noses have been upfront, honest and reliable. At the end of the day, what does it matter where the dog's place of birth was as long as they have a clean bill of health and their vaccinations are up to date when the Pet Passport is issued? Wags are quite open in telling you the dogs are rescued from the most diabolical "kill shelters" in Hungary and across the Balkans. If it wasn't for the dedicated people like Wags 'n' Wet Noses, these beautiful dogs would be killed by battering them across the head in the most horrific manner - instead, they are treated with kindness and brought to loving families in the UK who appreciate them.

As I say, I can only speak as I find and our "Sandy" is a true delight bringing us pleasure every minute of the day we are with him.

Debjane77 Sun 01-Mar-20 22:17:38

I've had a dog from wags n wet noses for 3 months. She's an absolute treasure. The team are so so nice and supportive, always ready to answer questions and offer advice. Sure there were a few teething problems, you expect that with a rescue dog who's been through hell, they need time and patience but my Astra from Hungary, age 10, fits into our lives like a hand into a glove...the team have to fundraise because they help hundreds of dogs in desperate situations

MaybeeMaybeeNot Sun 01-Mar-20 22:22:42

Our dog was a Wags rescue. I initially thought the worst, but tracked other adopters through Facebook over several years. My family were convinced we were being catfished, to the point catfish was going to be the dog’s name.

They ask for a fee to cover vaccinations, passport and travel plus sponsorship for food and care while you wait for your dog (they need to be old enough to travel, have passports etc), but quite modest amounts.

Many adopters seem to get one dog then another, and stay in touch via FB. When a foundling for want of a better word is located needing care, previous adopters often have a whip round.

We were home checked, and the wags team did exactly what they said they would do. The dogs were transported in an excellent vehicle, with regular updates on their progress .

Our dog was thin but healthy on arrival and our vet was happy with him.

We had further contact when they offered us another pup as our adoption had been successful. They are very clear in the contract that if it does not work out, they will take the dog back.

I am in touch with my dogs siblings adopters and they all seem to be doing well too.

In short, they do look a bit weird, but I have nothing but positive things to say about them.

NJJ6 Sun 01-Mar-20 22:37:06

Our experience of having a Wags dog, plus support from Wendy and her team has been 100% positive, everything was explained well from day one, our chocolate Labrador arrived just as we expected in May 2018. Our vet was very happy with her documentation, she has flourished with love, patience and time from us into the best dog we could have hoped for. I have recommended them to others, who now also own Wags dogs. We have previously had rescue dogs and it seems all rescues have the odd individuals who enjoy causing them trouble and spreading horrible stories. I am sure the odd person has a genuine sad/difficult story to tell from all rescues! But from what I can see in the 2 years I have been following the dogs rescues, adoptions and life with their new families in the UK all are very happy and talk very positively of the Wags experience. We will certainly consider using them again, when the time comes for another dog

Maryjane51 Sun 01-Mar-20 23:23:18

Wags bring at least 20 dogs over every 2 weeks and every single person who adopts one has nothing bad to say about them , I have rescued from them my son has rescued from them friends have rescued from them , and the dogs are amazing dogs your told everything about them good or bad , they do not want the dog going from one home to another so they want to get it right first time ,for the poor dogs sake . They are an amazing team and make sure everything is perfect and professionally done for the dogs to come over , defra see all the paper work before they come into the UK and then again as they Enter the UK , you are told that you may get a visit from defra or even a letter from defra just to confirm everything is ok . Wendy gets regular visits from Defra to make sure everything is perfect and up to date as if it wasnt she would be put in prison but she not shes a lovely passionate person who wants to help these poor dogs get lovely homes they deserve people in the Balkans are extremely cruel people to animals ....and also if things were not done properly with your dog with all its testing neutering passport , your dog will be taken and put into quarantine, go onto wags web page for adopters and fosters and see the testimonials on there ,you will not find one bad word about this wonderful rescue team , and once you have your dog they are there with a life time of advice and care . When your dog is in the happy bus to come over you are added to an adopter messenger page with the other adopters waiting for there dogs to arrive with yours you are in contact with the drivers and get regular up dates , and photos of your lovely dog ... the only time you will see on the page about any money is usualy because someone has dumped a dog and all her pups and need funds to get them to the vets and as we all know vets are not cheap , the dogs get tested for every thing known to dogs and are vet treated accordingly , if the dog needs on going treatment like its diabetic or HW the medicines are paid for and sent to you from the rescue , I've made good friends with the girls who work and look after the dogs in pension (kennels) what amazing loving caring girls they are they are desperate to get the dogs a warm loving home that the dog deserves , the winters are awful and very very cold in the Balkans these dogs when they get to a lovely warm home and a soft bed to.lie on seem so grateful and the love you get back from them is astounding you actualy wonder why you didnt adopt before now and you would not want to be without your chosen dog , they realy match dogs and family up realy well , mine are perfect for my family ... I would recomend this rescue team to anyone , look at the reviews before you apply and it will put your mind at rest , anyone who says different need to prove it and i bet they cant , the only thing is they are bitter people because they didnt do there home work before adopting from a rescue that does not do things correctly , and that person wants to bad mouth every rescue out there ....there obviously some bad theres always good and bad in everything we choose but do your home work and you will get the right rescuer and i can vouch for wags as being up there with the best if not thee best , I wont hesitate to have another dog from wags ......

Snuffles84 Mon 02-Mar-20 10:52:49

That’s strange as the above link is a complaint from an adopter about an illegal dog that they sold to her. Can you confirm whether the rescue is a registered charity? Is there transparency over funding and donations? Are accounts available? Bringing over 40 dogs a month they must surely have premises, where are their kennels based?

Snuffles84 Mon 02-Mar-20 10:55:52

So all of the above happy adopters, does you dogs chip match the passport? You all have dogs with Hungarian, Romanian or Bulgarian chips? No Serbian or generic chips? Did you get a receipt when purchasing your animals?

Shannith Mon 02-Mar-20 11:01:23

I'm fairly sure that everyone reading this has spotted the totally fake posts from the rescue trying to stop the truth coming out.

Do not touch with a barge pole. There are many genuine rescues out there.

If a "charity" is not registered as a charity is a good signpost that they are not a charity. E.g. NOT a not for profit.

People from the rescue posting... Mumsnetters have far more sense than to fall for your rubbish.

Got a google alert set up on your name have you?

Debjane77 Mon 02-Mar-20 11:09:54

Shannith, what a nasty, suspicious thing to say. These ats good people doing their best to help desperate animals. Instead of making disparaging comments perhaps spend some time getting involved with it to see how it is.

FeedThemFlumps Mon 02-Mar-20 11:15:46

F*ck me. The sheer number of first time ever 'posters' coming out on here to defend Wags n Wet Noses would make me immediately suspicious as hell.

That alone would have me running for the hills. All the hallmarks of a cover up.

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