This new Naturediet packaging is a nightmare! Any alternative suggestions?

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Scattyhattie Tue 12-Mar-19 01:52:39

Could you just empty pack into a plastic tub to keep for following meals?
Well while you decide to change to raw or another brand. My friend bought raw as a treat for the dog and he wouldn't touch it grin

I used to struggle to peel off the old style pack lids, but knife did the trick.

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo Mon 11-Mar-19 18:47:59

The spaniel has been happily eating Naturediet for a while. It works well for him, everyone is happy. Now they've changed the packaging to tetrapak. A nightmare to get it out - it would be okay if he ate a whole pack for each meal, but he doesn't.

So it's maybe time to find an alternative. Any suggestions? I've been considering feeding raw for a while but we're off on holiday soon so I don't want to start yet.

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