How old is old?

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NewYoiker Sat 09-Mar-19 02:03:14

Our Heinz 57 is 10 this year and has started dribbling wee when he's asleep which is very unlike him.

He's started to really slow down on walks and he can't manage a 5k now which isn't surprising but sad.

Is 10 old for a mongrel? He's had a happy life since we rescued him and I would never put him through anything that would prolong his suffering. I'm not saying that I'd put him to sleep for being old but weeing whilst asleep is not normal for him and he seems a bit more confused than usual

God this is shit. Here he is in the pub with our puppy last week.

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HirplesWithHaggis Sat 09-Mar-19 02:41:18

Of the three dogs who have shared my life, two were mongrels about the same size as your heinz, and they both lived til their late teens. (So did the pure bred Border Collie, btw.) Your dog is a little grizzled about the muzzle, but looks bright and "with it" in your picture. I'd take him to a vet and get the urinary incontinence checked out, but expect many more, albeit slower, years to come.

NewYoiker Sat 09-Mar-19 03:01:52

@HirplesWithHaggis thank you x I'm going to take him on Monday.

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Justagirlwholovesaboy Sat 09-Mar-19 03:05:50

Agree needs a vet check up, 10 isn’t old for this type of mongrel, 14 is a good age so a few years left yet. Do they open weekends? I would get him seen to as soon as possible

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 09-Mar-19 06:48:33

It sounds like a dog that's definitely getting older but still has a perfectly good quality of life and can expect a few more years of enjoyable but slower life. I've had dogs make it to 16 before - still enjoying life, but opting out of walks some days (not responding to the call of "walkies") and only wanting short ones on other days by the end. I would, however, go to the vet on Monday about his urinary incontinence - it could be something easily resolvable like an infection.

Think of him as a 70 year old man in decent health - bit slower than he used to be, but no reason why he shouldn't see 90.

userxx Wed 13-Mar-19 22:56:31

I think he looks great for 10, I'm slower than I was 10 years ago. Your BT pup is also a beauty 😍

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