My Labrador has the most beautiful ears...

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bbcessex Fri 08-Mar-19 22:15:11

Just that!

He’s lying on me on the sofa.. I’m rubbing his ears as he breathes (snores on me!) and they are soft as silk 😍😍😍

What’s the best bit of your dog?

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Bunnybigears Fri 08-Mar-19 22:19:08

The best bit of my dog is the top of his head it's so velvety! Normally its dogs ears I like best but my current dog is a Romanian rescue and has holes in his ears from where they put in then tore out metal identity tags in the kill shelter. So his ears whilst still lovely also make me a bit sad.

dotty12345 Fri 08-Mar-19 22:20:23

My lab/Great Dane who became ill on Monday and put down the same day due to underlying heart failure. My boy. All of him 😭

dotty12345 Fri 08-Mar-19 22:21:41

Doing his best I love water /showers but able to look so sad!

TheFloofyOne Fri 08-Mar-19 22:22:35

She has the best nose. Entirely boop-able.

DramaAlpaca Fri 08-Mar-19 22:25:44

He's a springer & he has the most gorgeous leg feathers.

So sorry for your loss dotty flowers

SmallFastPenguin Fri 08-Mar-19 22:28:01

If you stroke my dog when she is lying down she raises her back leg which is very sweet


SpamChaudFroid Fri 08-Mar-19 22:40:10

Definitely not his feet, they stink! Proper cheesers. Am hoping it's caused by puppy adolescence and just a phase.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 08-Mar-19 22:43:20

Pub dotty ☹️☹️, so sorry. My lab is very elderly now and I fear it won’t be long.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Fri 08-Mar-19 22:44:08

So sorry that was supposed to be “oh dotty”

Honeyroar Fri 08-Mar-19 22:47:43

I know exactly what you mean about Labrador ears. My (late) choc lab had the smoothest, silkiest ears ever. I used to love playing with them. I still have two labs with lovely ears, but hers were the best. 💕💕

burntdinner Fri 08-Mar-19 22:51:16

So sorry dotty thanks
He looks beautiful xx

BibbityBobbityEars Fri 08-Mar-19 22:52:35

So sorry Dotty

Ears here too (inspiration for my user name)

catzrulz Fri 08-Mar-19 22:53:32

Lab ears are the best ever, ours is a yellow boy, but his ears are fox red as his dad was too.
He's a typical Lab and loves leaning on people, if we ignore him he shakes his head till we rub his ears.

CaseofEllen Fri 08-Mar-19 22:56:17

So sorry for your loss Dotty thanks

There's so many with mine but tonight I would say that fact that she's a 40kg German Shepard yet she still falls asleep on DPs chest every night 😂

TrentBridge Fri 08-Mar-19 22:57:52

He's beautiful Dotty. I'm so sorry. X

bbcessex Fri 08-Mar-19 23:00:25

So sorry Dotty 😢😢😢 I can’t even imagine the heartbreak 😢😢😢

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Auldspinster Fri 08-Mar-19 23:02:05

My canine nephew, a chocolate labrador, had to be put to sleep before Xmas during his 4th bout of cancer. He made it to 10 and the most beautiful velvety ears.

Auldspinster Fri 08-Mar-19 23:02:48

Sorry for your loss Dottyflowers

bbcessex Fri 08-Mar-19 23:06:05

Our boy is fox red, and my daughter calls his ears ‘perfectly toasted’!

Don’t know why but it sums them up perfectly ❤️

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NewYoiker Fri 08-Mar-19 23:06:35

The way she sleeps.. modest she is not!

bbcessex Fri 08-Mar-19 23:07:16

CaseofEllen - 40kg - that’s a biiiig hug 😁😁😁😁

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MargotLovedTom1 Fri 08-Mar-19 23:07:36

Deep sympathy to Dotty and others who've lost their lovely dogs. The best bits of our beloved late Goldie were his beautiful, kind, brown eyes and his happy smile. Actually, all of him was perfect. Miss him so much.

bbcessex Fri 08-Mar-19 23:08:36

NewYoiker 😂😂😂 she looks very content though!!!

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NeverSayFreelance Fri 08-Mar-19 23:13:57

His face 😍 such a happy boy!

(he's no longer with us, but I still like to join in the dog chat. Hope that's okay!)

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