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drinkswineoutofamug Fri 08-Mar-19 18:57:30

I have the most beautiful whippet cross. I'm intrigued to what she crossed with so have purchased a dna kit which arrives tomorrow. I've looked all the different testing kits on line, I've chosen wisdom panel as it's affordable and has good feedback. Hopefully arrives tomorrow, so will swab and send back and a wait the results.
The pictures are flo , everyone is free to take a guess! Not that I have a prize for the winner.
So far I've had whippet / terrier
whippet/ collie
I will keep you posted

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JesusInTheCabbageVan Fri 08-Mar-19 19:31:47

Ooh, based on the shoulders and ears, I'm going to say there's a bull breed in there somewhere.

I thought ours was part terrier - turned out to be 37% whippet, 37% saluki and the rest greyhound. Pray there's no saluki in there, they're batshit grin

JesusInTheCabbageVan Fri 08-Mar-19 19:32:54

PS we used Wisdom too.

scaredofthecity Fri 08-Mar-19 19:43:13

She's lovely. She looks a lot like a vizla-labrador I know. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bit of either in there!

puppy23 Fri 08-Mar-19 19:59:58

Oo I want to do a DNA test on my pooch to see what she's crossed with - let us know what you think of Wisdom

minion345 Fri 08-Mar-19 20:03:09

I had a whippet x Belgian Mali who looked very similar!

theconstantinoplegardener Fri 08-Mar-19 20:10:50

I think a bit of Belgian Shepherd - the Malinois subtype.


TinselAndKnickers Fri 08-Mar-19 20:15:18

They look like my staff's ears grin gorgeous doggie! Can't wait to see the results. I agree with the bull breed comment from PP!

drinkswineoutofamug Fri 08-Mar-19 21:16:36

Thanks for the replies , I'm all excited for the kit arriving .
Will have to google some of those breeds pp have mentioned, not heard of some of them.

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TropicPlunder Fri 08-Mar-19 21:18:00

She reminds me of a Manchester terrier, or mini pinscher type. That's my long shot! She's also lovely

drinkswineoutofamug Fri 08-Mar-19 21:22:24

Bloody hell minion just googled whippet x Belgian Mali and saw flo ( with a bushy tail)
Her tail is skinny with fluffy bits

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BorderlineExperimental Fri 08-Mar-19 21:27:25

I've done both Wisdom Panel and Embark on my mutt dog.

The WP results were "interesting" to say the least. The main breed suggested was believable (and matched the Embark one) but then there were all sorts of bonkers breeds included, some of which are vanishingly rare and highly unlikely to be contributing to random mutt litters.

The Embark ones were more plausible overall (particularly taking into account some of the health and coat colour results) and I actually got some useful health information from the other tests they run. The coat colour and genetic diversity results are also absolutely fascinating. I've gone from thinking my poor dog is unlucky (she's had various health issues) to extremely lucky as she's got a very high level of inbreeding and has managed to dodge some very nasty bullets in her lineage.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Fri 08-Mar-19 21:30:06

Whipador! She’s lovely!

Allycumpooster Fri 08-Mar-19 22:49:26

According to the dog scanner app he is mainly Belgian shepherd!

TropicPlunder Fri 08-Mar-19 23:41:12

Ally I just downloaded and experimented with that app, it was hilarious. My dog got a different breed for each photo I tried, including Mexican hairless dog!

Allycumpooster Sat 09-Mar-19 07:22:51

Tropic it’s about as accurate as DNA testing and a lot more fun. For free grin

TropicPlunder Sat 09-Mar-19 08:38:57

It told me my dog is hairless AND.... my partner is only 92% human shockgrin
Was definitely fun

drinkswineoutofamug Sat 09-Mar-19 09:14:53

I'm intrigued which app is this?

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drinkswineoutofamug Sat 09-Mar-19 09:27:33

Found it

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drinkswineoutofamug Sat 09-Mar-19 09:28:04

It did also say that her teddy was a beagle/ rat terrier

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pisspants Sat 09-Mar-19 09:31:35

I cant remember which company I used but was a but sceptical. they asked for a photo so it could go on the certificate. I suspect that is so they have a guess based on the pic so just uploaded a picture of something else instead!

Tookal Sat 09-Mar-19 09:37:45

Relatives got one done on a dog who is a rescue from abroad.

It came back with all sorts of odd and rare breeds that i think are very unlikely to be present in the stray population of romania!
His litter mates also came back different to his

We cant decide if they made it all up or if their breed database didn't include European breeds

userxx Sat 09-Mar-19 11:33:51

She's beautiful whatever she is 😍. I'd say Belgian shepherd with greyhound.

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Sat 09-Mar-19 15:08:23

The WP results were "interesting" to say the least. The main breed suggested was believable (and matched the Embark one) but then there were all sorts of bonkers breeds included, some of which are vanishingly rare and highly unlikely to be contributing to random mutt litters.
I did the WP one on my dog as well. Similar thoughts. She has a very curly (not short) tail - like a shepherd's crook and nothing they came up with in near generations accounted for this. I am now coming to the conclusion that she looks a bit Jack Russell-y in some respects (coat markings/hunting instinct/tail!) but that wasn't in there at all.
Might try that Embark one next time I've got some spare dough.

drinkswineoutofamug Sat 09-Mar-19 17:08:10

Kit has arrived 😬🎉 she's just had her tea so can't do it now. Says to wait 2 hours after food or treats. Suppose that's so it doesn't come back saying horse/donkey 😂

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