Breeders license number

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Nesssie Fri 08-Mar-19 10:25:55

Licensed breeders will have a certificate which they should show you on request, or you could phone/email the council to confirm.

I would definitely choose a licensed (and therefore inspected and regulated breeder) over unlicensed.

Bumbumtaloo Thu 07-Mar-19 22:16:06

Oh okay, thank you will do some more reading.

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Lonecatwithkitten Thu 07-Mar-19 21:52:23

Any breeder who makes a profit must now be licensed so this is not necessarily a red flag. I have two excellent breeders in my practice who are licensed and legit.

Bumbumtaloo Thu 07-Mar-19 19:20:49

Thanks. I guess we have to work out what breed is going to be best for us.

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Wolfiefan Thu 07-Mar-19 19:03:26

Crufts is on at the moment. Lots of breeds to see there! There’s also Discover Dogs on there. People to chat to and examples of different breeds.
If you want a rescue then one that fosters is great. There also breed specific rescues.
If you want a particular breed then you need to find the breed club or society and enquire about breeders that may have puppies in the next few months. KC reg just mean it’s a pedigree.

Bumbumtaloo Thu 07-Mar-19 18:58:47

Many thanks for the replies. I guess these are best to be 100% avoided.

We’re not 100% sure on breed at the moment, as I said we’re just starting to do our homework. We are looking for something that would be happy with two/three walks a day and we have a large garden. Someone would be home 24/7 - I’m disabled and my DH is my carer. Our DD’s are nearly 7 and 9.

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BiteyShark Thu 07-Mar-19 18:39:27

I know licensing has been changed recently but when I got my puppy just over 2 years ago I avoided any breeder that was council licensed. This was because you only had to be licensed if you bred lots of litters.


RogersVideo Thu 07-Mar-19 18:35:14

Your council may have a list on their website?

Tbh when I bought my puppy I didn't really pay attention to this because you can be a puppy farm and be licenced. I found my breeder on my breed's main website, visited the litter at home when pups were 3 weeks, met mum and their other dogs, spoke extensively to the breeders about health and behaviour, etc. I had emailed other breeders but these were the only ones who gave the right (in my eyes) answers to my inquiries.

Bumbumtaloo Thu 07-Mar-19 18:20:43

We are at the start of our journey into getting a dog/puppy. We are currently researching what breed we should be looking towards and weather we would be accepted by any rescues - we have two DD’s and two cats.

If we are unable to adopt we would then look at breeders, and this is where my questions comes into it. I have seen that some breeders that say they are licensed with their local council and quoted a breeders license number, would you need to contact the council to confirm that they are indeed licensed? Should they show some form of certification to us?

It may all be moot as we may be able to adopt but I want to make sure we have done as much homework as possible and know what pitfalls to avoid.

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