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Lynca Sun 03-Mar-19 09:47:44

So the weather's crap and I'm a bit bored, daydreaming about what kind of dog I'd like to get next!

I thought we could play a game: list a breed/crossbreed you've had in the past, one you have currently, and one you'd like in the future.
Re. the ones you've already experienced, what do you like/dislike about the breed and would you have another of the same?
What attracts you to your future breed?

I'll start:
Past: German Shepherd X Newfoundland. He was my heart dog - I loved his large size and beautiful shaggy coat. He was incredibly loyal and protective, and he liked to walk with me, rather than bombing off on his own. He was very intelligent and I swear he could speak English, he just seemed to understand me. He could be aloof with strangers but was excellent with children. He wasn't good with other dogs as he was so protective, he didn't like them getting too close. I would definitely have one again if I could find the same cross!

Current dog: Show type Cocker spaniel. He's the cuddliest dog I have ever known, he literally climbs into my lap and snuggles his head under my chin trying to get as close as possible. He loves EVERYONE and all other dogs which is nice not having to worry about off leash dogs like I did with my last boy. He's not very focused on me when we go for walkies though, he just wants to follow his nose. And he's definitely harder to train. I would have one again.

Future: I'd love a leonberger. I prefer big dogs and they look so majestic and calm, but they aren't suitable at the moment as we have a young family. One day!

Your turn!

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BiteyShark Sun 03-Mar-19 10:01:29

Past: Childhood dogs have been King Charles spaniels and rescued mixed breeds. KCS had many health problems and would resource guard around food. Wouldn't choose either for future dogs but maybe I am put off by the fact that dog training has come on along way from when I was growing up.

Current Dog: working cocker spaniel. He is loyal, friendly and is definitely a person dog. Doesn't need lots of exercise and is easy to teach lots of things except nice lead walking. Bad points is he thinks everyone loves him and wants to greet everyone when he is on the lead. Off lead because he is ball obsessed he never leaves my side but walking isn't exactly a relaxing affair as he wants the ball all the time.

Future: I would defintely have another working cocker spaniel but right now I can't imagine replacing him so maybe he will be my only dog.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 03-Mar-19 12:03:07

Childhood dogs: Papillon and pomeranian. Papillon was very easy going, temperamentally bombproof and pretty; loved everyone. Pomeranian was a bit snappy, had opinions and wasn't afraid to tell you about them! Thought the world revolved around her - if she'd had enough walkies she'd sit down and you'd have to carry her home again because she definitely wasn't going to walk! Preferred afternoon tea to a walk in the woods...

Current dog: JRT x Dachshund, rescue, has ishoos. Very energetic, very intelligent, highly strung, problematically territorial and with a host of anxiety related issues. Love him dearly and he's put me on a crash course in dog behaviour, but he's not an easy dog.

Next dog: not going to happen while young DDog is still around as while he's good with dogs off lead there's a 0% chance he could cope with sharing his own space.

Very tempted by another papillon, as the thought of having an easy dog definitely appeals a lot of the time! My only worry is that after a decade or more with a tricky dog I'd find a nice papillon a bit bland! A papillon with ishoos perhaps...

adaline Sun 03-Mar-19 15:19:03

I've only ever owned a beagle! He's one now so he'll hopefully be around for many years to come smile

I'd love a working cocker spaniel one day - I think that'll be our next dog. DH wants a Bassett but all the health problems put me off.

Warmhandscoldheart Sun 03-Mar-19 17:15:21

Current dog is my first dog. He's a Patterdale terrier/Cocker spaniel cross.
He's high energy, loveable, wary of strangers but adores people he knows. Downside - Got a horrible excited play growl & bark, very off-putting for some dogs & their owners

Next dog - I'd love a Great Dane or Wolfhound, large dogs appeal to me.

Wolfiefan Sun 03-Mar-19 17:22:50

Growing up we had a lab x setter.
He was the sweetest character. Funny and sweet yet would get his “setter” head on and sod off! Loved the bones of that dog. He shared everything. Even shared my GCSE results with him before anyone else.
Current dog. My baby girl. My wolfhound and my dream dog. She is a sweetheart with all sizes of dogs. (Played with a Bichon earlier!) Sweet and needy. Likes cuddles and hates being left.
Next dog. I want another wolfhound. I waited decades for my girl. It’ll break me when we lose her. Puppy broody too. blush

missbattenburg Sun 03-Mar-19 18:38:07

Past: have had a few but one that stands out was a crossbreed (a proper Heinz 57) I had as a teenager, who was the sweetest dog. I would 'make' him jump over jumps in the garden before I'd ever heard of agility. When I left for uni he pined so much that I moved into a house so he could come with me. We lived with a couple of other girls who loved dogs and he thrived being the spoilt dog of the house.

Now: an english springer, distantly related to my first ever dog. I love the bones of him and he brings me so much joy, but he's not an easy dog. He is loyal to the point of being slightly obsessed with me, is brave, friendly, scared and stand-offish in equal measures. Loves exercise but can get over tired which results in dodgy behaviour. That said, he's only 18 months old and we've just had a long weekend with MANY guests and he's been brilliant with everyone. We also have 2 x JRTs who are great fun but not a breed I would choose.

Future: I spend a lot of time dreaming about what other dog I might have - labs and staffies are at the front of the queue. However, I don't think I would get another until battendog is gone and love springers so much that, in reality, it'll probably be another springer.


Parly Sun 03-Mar-19 19:03:49

Past: Border collies / collie x GSD. English Springer Spaniel

Present. Border collies.

Future. Probably border collies but would love another Springer at some point. Would definitely consider a Greyhound too they're really good dogs overall smile

JaneEyre07 Sun 03-Mar-19 19:11:30

Past: Tibetan Terrier.... adorable character, amazing with kids but completely untrainable and did his own thing. Labrador... just gorgeous but I'd never have another after seeing her crippled with arthritis aged 7 onwards. I still miss her every day and we lost her 3 years ago.

Current: Working cocker and a Sprocker puppy. Both adorable, gentle kind souls, affectionate and loving. Complete little terrors off lead when they've got a scent but won't change them for the world. They are "velcro" dogs that never leave your side.

Future: def more spaniels grin though I've always wanted an Irish Wolfhound and would call him Hector. Such character in their faces.

fleshmarketclose Sun 03-Mar-19 19:29:11

Past wasn't allowed a dog growing up dm was obsessively houseproud so would never allow it.
Present part time owner of shih tzu/ poodle cross, pretty demanding, intelligent and easily bored so likes to make mischief and stubborn as a mule
Full time owner of lhasa apso nice but dim dog, easily pleased only fault is she barks at any movement at front of house although now lessened with privacy screen
Future my dream dog is a standard poodle but would happily have a miniature or toy poodle which would be more in keeping with what dc would like.

allfurcoatnoknickers Mon 04-Mar-19 16:26:20

Past: my adored Cairn Terrier mix was my first dog. She was killed in an accident in August and I was devastated. She was perfect. Smart, curious and the perfect adventure buddy. She was very attention seeking though.

Current: Two Jack Russell Terrorists. I love them, but DEAR GOD are they hard work. Hours of walking Every day, constant training and you need to have eyes in the back of your head, because they love to get into trouble. They're never boring though, and they're so loving and snuggly when they're not being terrors.

Future: another Cairn, for sure. I'm also infatuated with Skye Terriers, but I think it might be a bit hard to get my hands on one. Maybe a Scottie? As you can tell, terriers are my thing.

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