Worried after finding box of chicken outside.

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Passing4Human Fri 01-Mar-19 12:12:16

Hi all,

My DD and I were just on our way out to take our dog for his walk when I spotted a box of raw chicken strips (chicken placed inside an empty tea box with the lid open) which someone had left right beside our bins. Our dog sniffed them but didn't have time to eat the chicken before I grabbed it. I'm really shaken up and thought I'd post here to ask for advice if anyone can help me please. I'm terrified someone was trying to poison our dog by lacing meat with antifreeze or similar.

Am I jumping to conclusions? Are there any other possibilities? There are lots of foxes around about us. I have a bad feeling though as it was clearly positioned right beside our bins. Our back garden backs onto a lane where all the bins are kept. The lane is overlooked by the backs of a row of houses.

I'm an anxious person, so trying to concentrate on practical things, rather than disappearing into my own head with anxious thoughts of "what ifs". Is it possible to get the meat tested by the vet or someone? Also our neighbours who we are friends with have two cats. Should I warn them as I've just thought what if they've eaten some? None of the meat looks touched or chewed.

Our garden out the back is enclosed and our dog normally has the run of it several times a day. He potters about and sunbathes out there. He does bark occasionally, although shuts up on command, but this might be enough to have annoyed someone I'm thinking.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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