Sell me your dog.

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TinselAndKnickers Mon 25-Feb-19 18:28:18

As I am bored and dreaming of the day I finally move into my own house and can get my own dog, I thought I would start a thread where you lovely lot can come and 'sell' your dog to me grin what's great about them?! Why is that breed the best?!

Roll up, roll up and put your pooch pictures up with their redeeming qualities!

Here is my smiley boy Mason the staffie. He's 10 years old, is very cuddly and still sits on you like he did when he was 12 weeks grin he loves a treat, but is selectively ignorant when it comes to recall hmm

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 25-Feb-19 18:32:04

i have a border collie (and i can't seem to attach pictures - will try to later)

-very sweet
-cares more about food than anything else grin

TinselAndKnickers Mon 25-Feb-19 18:33:22

Me and your collie sound as though we might get along.. I can't put an offer in without a pic though grin

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Dextrodependant Mon 25-Feb-19 18:36:10

Here is my big boy, very similar to yours. He is so affectionate and loving. He's no breed though, just a mongrel.

TinselAndKnickers Mon 25-Feb-19 18:40:36

Aww he is gorgeous. Mason also likes a snooze grin

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Dextrodependant Mon 25-Feb-19 18:44:03

Aww My D is snuggled up with a blanket right now too. Mason is gorgeous too.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Mon 25-Feb-19 18:44:37

Here is the ultimate folding up ddog. Any small space, dcat bed, a cushion, non barking, non shedding, ever loving, Lurcher.


WisestIsShe Mon 25-Feb-19 18:46:08

My baby is a Labrador/ miniature poodle cross. He's cuddly, always hungry and non stop playing.

RickOShay Mon 25-Feb-19 18:53:35

Here is the love of my life. He is noble, kind, patient, generous and loving. He does leave shoes and tea towels outside though grin

Bamchic Mon 25-Feb-19 18:57:15

My last DDog was a spaniel lab cross and was perfect in every way, she was just amazing with children and cats and was the most loving snuggly darling ever.
DH and I have just days ago bought a cocker spaniel and she’s a darling.
All dogs are perfect every one on this thread is beautiful ❤️

RickOShay Mon 25-Feb-19 19:03:58

Thank you Bambchic
Congratulations on your new dog!

Bunnybigears Mon 25-Feb-19 19:05:53

My dog is a rescued mongrel. Rescued is my favourite breed.

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Mon 25-Feb-19 19:07:45

A cuddly option?
You will just love hoovering ddog hair most of your days...

Spudlet Mon 25-Feb-19 19:14:34

Take him, I will pay you grin

I adore him, but he's been a git today and now he is asleep at the end of the sofa and farting 🙈

He's a cocker spaniel. He's gentle and always up for a cuddle or a walk, but the flipside is that he wants either one of those two things constantly... he is also a dreadful foodie, which caused much alarm and despondency when he pinched my 3yo's biscuit today. He was however extremely gentle about it! 😱🙈 And, as a canine senior citizen he is also now deaf (actually deaf as opposed to just spaniel elective deafness) and prone to the most devastating flatulence I have ever encountered. And I have worked on a gastro ward.

I love him dearly but mah gahhhd he's a job of work and no mistake!

ALargeGinPlease Mon 25-Feb-19 19:49:11

My boy is the best grin, but he not for sale!
He luffs me with all his doggy heart and although is happy to play with the children, he really only luffs me. He gives the best cuddles, and is always delighted to be with me, whatever i am doing.

BuildingQuote Mon 25-Feb-19 20:24:13

Mine surprised me with how much she sleeps and she likes all games especially playing in blankets where you cover her and then find her again.
She tries to make friends with bumblebees who she never harms but they find her a bit alarming.
She is simply mad on sand so you might need to take her on holidays to the sea. She will settle in fast as tried to meet and follow every new person she sees grin

TinselAndKnickers Mon 25-Feb-19 20:31:02

Omg they are all lovely and I want to snuggle them ALL.

I may end up getting 100 dogs.

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Toooldtobearsed2 Mon 25-Feb-19 20:37:31

You'll have to take them as a pair I'm afraid.
The blonde one rolls in anything. Mud, fox crap, dead bird..
The black one is as thick as a brick but lovely.

I can deliver.

Babygrey7 Mon 25-Feb-19 20:39:10

Aprilshowersarecomingsoon, can I have 2 please? wink

Mine is great at looking a bit sad, but is generally happy, loyal, loving and easygoing, ....and folds up small grin

puppymouse Mon 25-Feb-19 20:51:05

Mine seems to be utterly devoted to me. He's gentle, loving, affectionate and cuddles up to me as much as possible.

He sits with DD listening to her read, he comes out loose at our heels when I go out on my horse, he comes when I call, he lies down and sits when I ask, he doesn't chew or steal food, he's never kept us awake at night - unless he's poorly.

Everyone who meets him says how adorable he is and I will be utterly broken when he goes. We went away for the week recently and I don't think he ate while we were gone. I feel incredibly protective of him.

Here he is entwined round my legs on the sofa...

SaffronWood12 Mon 25-Feb-19 21:03:47

This is bella the bullmastiff and badger the border collie!
Had Bella from a puppy and she is a very loving dog but a massive foodie so will go to anyone who gives her food. She doesn't bark at all and loves everyone she meets.
Badger is a rescue border collie and is so loyal and cuddly! Never really sits with anyone but me and has amazing recall!
Both of them are like my children and I honestly couldn't live without them! As much hard work they both are I wouldn't change them for the world

TinselAndKnickers Mon 25-Feb-19 21:08:51

Hmmm some 2 for 1 deals.. I've come to the right place grin

Oh wow Bella and Badger are stunning - both very clever dogs and it's lovely they get along as they both have demanding needs!

Loving all these pups ❤️

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Aprilshowersarecomingsoon Mon 25-Feb-19 21:29:49

Wish I could find a dog walking club for my Scrats!! I am not on fb so it's difficult!

Fourmagpies Mon 25-Feb-19 21:37:55

This is Barney, also a border collie. He is 6 months old and everyone is his best friend! He's very calm, intelligent (a little too much for his own good!), loves a cuddle and we can't take him anywhere without lots of people wanting to meet him. He is very cute.

DogDaysAreRover Mon 25-Feb-19 21:43:48

Another border collie here. 4 months. He is the sweetest, soppiest dog ever. He makes me so happy and I love him to bits.

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