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TheTillster Mon 25-Feb-19 07:25:49

Sorry me again , full of greyhound questions 🙄. We have been told we need a crate for upcoming canine family member . This is a sensible idea as we have young children now and plan to make it a place away from small people if they get annoying and also mindful of sometime grey sleep aggression .
Which size though , we are going to struggle to fit an XL into the space ... we could fit a large no problem but would a small female greyhound be able to fit into a large or am I better off moving all the furniture round to squeeze an XL size in ?
She is very small for an ex racing grey , very much smaller than our male we had ( who was the size of a small horse 🤣)
Very excited , only 2 weeks to go till homecoming

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Greyhound22 Mon 25-Feb-19 07:32:58

Could you not have a room or under a table for her or even her bed as a 'safe space'? Tell the kids they can't touch her if she's in bed.

I know hundreds (not exaggerating I do) of greyhound owners and don't know of one with a crate.

Plus it will take half your house up.

anniehm Mon 25-Feb-19 07:38:26

Do you have a utility room or enclosures entrance hall you can use - they do need somewhere they can go to (and you can put their bed) but a crate isn't as practical for large dogs, we use a tiled hall with a door both ends (do remove anything they can chew on!)

Scattyhattie Tue 26-Feb-19 22:50:09

How exciting!

My girl greyhound was 25kg & 25" to shoulder, she could fit into a 42" crate but not put her head up fully but they spend lot of time flat out. 48" was more comfortably roomy to stand/move about so better for more extended periods (she had to do a months crate rest on vets orders & we'd never keep her from jumping on/off her beloved sofa). I never bothered when we adopted the greyhounds either it was only as we happened to need one I discovered the benefits.
If you cover the crate it makes a nice safe den & my thunder/firework phobic greyhounds would be more relaxed if could go hide in there. My current dog just likes to retreat to his "bedroom" occasionally so crate is left up even though he has access to whose living room & sofa.
They are useful to have safe space can shut away if visitors & is a very visual boundary for kids. Have taken it when travelled as their familiar bedroom as they can get out of sorts in new places & saves some human stress if its not a dog proofed space.
Another option is a dog playpen, they can be taller than kids one to reduce chance of dog jumping, though greys do need decent motivator to bother & are lightweight/foldable but may then need attaching to something. The fabric ones are only suitable for a dog you know won't chew.
Something I didn't know til after first greyhound came home & became stressed, is they settle better if can see out with a baby/dog gate rather than a solid door.

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