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TheTillster Sun 24-Feb-19 07:20:12

What does everyone feed their greyhound / Lurcher on ? We have a retired greyhound coming home soon , she has a poor scurfy coat and missing fur on her back legs .she is currently on 2 meals a day which I plan to keep to .
Looking for a complete food ( don't have the time or the inclination for raw unfortunately) and also any additives to get food I can use to help her coat along .
Having had a grey many years ago the less wind producing properties the better 😳🤣

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Modwolvesrock Sun 24-Feb-19 07:27:42

I hope you get lots of replies, we're in the same boat!
Currently feeding the food that the rescue sent home with him but awaiting an order from Butternut box next week.
I'll come back to the thread and let you know how he gets on with it smile

TheTillster Sun 24-Feb-19 07:42:05

😀We will also get 2 weeks supply of food with her but it's cheaper working dog food and I'm well aware of the greyhound wind and poop 👀. I would like to start mixing it gradually to swap her over straight away of possible . Have also been recommended some porridge oats to help her baldy legs from her old racing owner so hopefully she can start looking as beautiful as she actually is soon .
I'm also on the hunt for some really tasty high value treats I can use for training . Sit 4 treats looks like they have some possibles but then I'm ever wary of the delicate grey digestion 🤮😂

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BiteyShark Sun 24-Feb-19 09:01:08

Have a look on to compare quality and cost across brands.

As for training treats my dog loves the 90% turkey ones from millies wolfheart. All the trainers feel sorry for my dog because everyone pulls out cheese/hot dogs etc and these look boring but he will happily eat them all day and because they are literally dried turkey you aren't feeding them a lot of fatty treats.

WatcherOfTheNight Sun 24-Feb-19 09:05:26

Millies Wolfheart, they've a nutritionist you can speak with who can help if you need advice on which recipe is best suited.

My PILs older dogs have improved dramatically now they are on Millies .

Scattyhattie Sun 24-Feb-19 09:36:54


Mine have always been good with fish based, mainly fed salmon & rice or potato, anything poultry based seemed to cause my first 2 hounds stinky farts & soft poo. Due to budget on a pet shop own brand at moment which is very similar to Autarky salmon they had before, also used skinners salmon but its a lower protein% & I have to feed a little more, both are classed as working food so are Vat free.

Although they loved the markus muhle & lukullus (zooplus own brand) cold pressed dry & that didn't cause any problems. It smelled nicer even to me & CP also has bonus of not swelling up. Both are pretty reasonably priced for the quality.

My greyhound girl was like a fuzzy teddy when I adopted her from racing owner & after her kennel coat shed she had bald thighs, tum, neck. Gave her some supplements & salmon oil (cod liver oil isn't good for dogs) on her food, which made remaining coat beautifully shiny & cleared dry skin. She remained bald for many years, whether just coincidence but it regrew when we were without heating for a fair while. Like many retired greyhounds she spent her days lounging on a sofa mainly upside down so not poor kennel conditions & they had a thick shredded paper/jay cloth filled raised beds there.

Scattyhattie Sun 24-Feb-19 09:58:00

Bit off topic but is well worth considering dog becoming a blood donor as greyhounds tend to take it in their stride, they've higher red cells than other dogs & more are the universal negative blood type other vets may also be grateful for donors so always worth asking.
Apart from helping poorly dogs, my dogs liked going, even the shy one as lots of people giving massages & treatsgrin. It was also useful for the quarterly check up/ annual health bio screen.


CalmDownPacino Sun 24-Feb-19 11:13:13

Mine are raw fed but in terms of supplements I give mackerel for the coat, including the oil, and oven baked liver is great for training treats. Currently recall training with liver. My coat pockets stink!

TheTillster Sun 24-Feb-19 11:37:03

Thanks for the info , Millie's wolfheart looks good I'm a bit confirmed by the choice though , which one is the standard choice for greys and do they usually like the fish flavours ?
We used Burns for the old hound , he wasn't too windy or poopy on it , also used to mix in half a tray of nature diet , is that still a good food these days ?
This was a number of years ago and by the looks of it dog food has come on a lot and has far more choice now .

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Crimebustersofthesea Sun 24-Feb-19 16:06:54

Ours is on Forthglade and we supplement with tinned sardines or pilchards which are great for his coat. He also gets a raw egg every now and again which is his absolute favourite.

Since having him on Forthglade we seem to have eliminated the greyhound wind problem which is a huge plus!

79andnotout Sun 24-Feb-19 21:25:23

We give ours tinned sardines in oil with some dried food (currently Canegan but we're switching to a lower protein as she's too hyper these days). She had flaky bald skin when we got her, and she still has a bald bum but her coat is much softer and healthier now.

samandcj Mon 25-Feb-19 15:15:29

What do you think of the dry food sold by the National Greyhound Trust?
We have had our Grey for 3 months and have kept him on this food (as advised). I have added some oily fish 2 x week. His coat is OK but he is very smelly and his "poos" are huge, frequent and quite loose. I feed my collie on Aatu but have been told that the % protein is too high for the grey. He is an ex-racer.

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