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Getting a puppy to walk

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Lightheart Thu 21-Feb-19 08:22:42

Hi I have a 13 week old Labrador pup and he will not walk when we take him out. He runs round the house and garden but as soon as he's put on the lead and taken for a walk he plants his bum firmly on the pavement. So much so we haven't taken him out for the last three days as we are at a loss for what to do, we end up dragging/carrying him along the walk. Going to take him out today but wanted some advice/tips on how to get him to walk?

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missbattenburg Thu 21-Feb-19 09:13:34

Check it's not the lead putting him off. Clip it on in the garden for a few tries to get him used to it without also having to be used to going into the Big Wide World.

Leave it trailing behind him in the house (get a lightweight one if you don't have one already) so he is totally used to it.

If you are using a harness, do the same with that so he's used to the harness.

Start him slowly. Ask him to just take a step towards the open front door, treat then back inside. Do the action THEN the treat (don't try and lure him out with the treat). Repeat but keep asking him to get further and further each time. Do not drag him. Go at his pace.

Sooner or later it'll click and he'll be away grin

pigsDOfly Thu 21-Feb-19 13:29:12

This is not at all unusual but please don't drag him and don't stop try to get him out.

Just do as missbattenburg says and you'll get there.

My dog would sit outside the front door and refused to move at that age. Patience, time and lots of treats is all it took.

adaline Thu 21-Feb-19 14:13:23

Get him used to wearing a lead - clip it on him in the house and garden with lots of praise and get him to associate it with good things (treats/praise).

Good luck!

daisiesandpeonies Thu 21-Feb-19 18:08:13

@Lightheart same problem with my poodle puppy! Just sits and won't move. I carried her around the park this afternoon....

Wolfiefan Thu 21-Feb-19 18:10:37

He doesn’t need to go for a walk. Get him used to the lead in the garden. He needs short trips out (I took mine in the car) to see, smell, experience the world.

Lightheart Thu 21-Feb-19 18:21:58

Thanks for all the advice will definitely start putting his harness/ lead on in the house and garden. Also when I say drag it's more of a sharp tug so don't worry but I won't even do that from now on! I guess patience is key just like all other aspects of puppy training and ownership 😂

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pigsDOfly Thu 21-Feb-19 22:59:19

Yes, as Wolfiefan says get him out to experience the world at this age rather than worrying too much about actually walking on the lead.

Socialising him: meeting different people, different places, seeing different sights and hearing different sounds. At this age that's more important.

The walking will come.

AgathaF Fri 22-Feb-19 10:25:22

Have you tried encouraging to stand and take a few steps by offering a treat just in front of him? Something like some chicken or ham. As others have said too, leave him with a collar and lightweight lead on in the house.

Even if he won't walk just yet though, keep taking him out in your arms. He needs to experience as much as possible and the socialisation window is small.

Theoscargoesto Fri 22-Feb-19 14:24:04

Mine was the same. For a few days I sat on the front step with her and fussed and cuddled her. She developed quite a fan club once I'd worked out when busier times were! It wasn't long before she started exploring, and then there was no holding her back

littlehayleyc Fri 22-Feb-19 17:50:34

We had the same with our dog when he was a puppy. We used to take loads of yummy treats, and give lots of praise for any movement! Also making sure you have loads of time so you don't get impatient. I think he just found walks a but overwhelming, and although he didn't seem anxious or worried it was obviously his way of dealing with new things

lorisparkle Fri 22-Feb-19 18:04:55

Our lab puppy was the same and now we are having to work on him pulling us! I would have a look at the website 'the Labrador site' and join the Facebook group 'dog training advice and support'. Both have excellent advice, emphasising giving your puppy lots and lots of socialising.

lottiebear69 Tue 05-Mar-19 22:16:05

Our lab was the same, I ended up driving him to a common so he could just run when he got there as he loved that. Eventually he just stopped planting his bum down and now pulls us !

Lightheart Tue 12-Mar-19 10:30:36

Just thought I would come back and update for anyone else in this position. After following all the Advice given above we now have a boy who loves to walk! He's having 2 15/20 minute walks a day at the moment and we will of course up this in time but all the advice was brilliant and really helpful thanks!

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