Puppy blues ☹

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Notrusthere Thu 21-Feb-19 06:02:36

I have them big time.

Picked puppy up 5 days ago and I'm struggling a bit.

The things is that I don't understand why as mostly he's doing really well!

He's sleeping through from 11 till 5.30, had first car journey yesterday with no crying (although that may not last), and toilet is mostly happening outside.

But ...still having 2 or 3 wee accidents in the house a day, he's a bitey little bugger when he's excited and he humps too!

DS is off school this week and I feel so guilty because I've not been able to do anything fun with him or take him anywhere. I'm tired and snappy and feel like a rubbish mum.

Pup is a little cutie but I'm not feeling the love and bond I thought I would do.

Please tell me this gets better 😢

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Pringle89 Thu 21-Feb-19 07:29:33

I promise you it does get better! I lost track of the amount of times I cried on the first two weeks!

It’s such a ‘what the F have I done feeling’! You are tired, ir changes the whole dynamic of your life and if you have kids life can be hectic anyway and a puppy just makes it more hectic.

However pringlepup is now 5 months and life is so much easier, sleeps all night, toilet trained, biting much better. Still working on leaving him alone for short periods - that’s the only thing I struggle with now as we can’t all go out for the day with short notice.

However I wouldn’t be without him now, love him so much, the first 4 weeks or so are prob the worst but it improves from then onwards I promise ❤️

BiteyShark Thu 21-Feb-19 07:29:44

I had the puppy blues for many weeks. I had waited over 20 years for the right time to get my dog. I researched lots and thought I was prepared.

However, the relentlessness, total responsibility and constant demands I think contributed to the 'WTF did I do this' moments.

It does get better. I wouldn't be without him now but the puppy months and then the stubborn adolescent period was very testing.

Lots of us have had the puppy blues on here so it isn't uncommon but it doesn't help when you see and hear lots of puppy owners saying it's brilliant and they love it and it's soooo easy.

nancybelle Thu 21-Feb-19 07:43:25

It gets better. I would have happily given back every pup I have had in the first 4 weeks. They are so demanding but you just have to base your whole life on meeting their needs for the first wee while and then they will slot into your lifestyle, you live happily ever after and wonder how you ever managed without them.

missbattenburg Thu 21-Feb-19 09:18:33

Yeah, this totally gets better.

Like pp, I had waited for years to get a dog - done so much study and research and was prepared for puppy blues. I still got them.

I also remember looking at battendog after a few weeks and thinking "I don't love you. I feel responsible for you and will do everything I can so that you are happy and healthy but we are not (yet) bonded." I looked on the puppy months as an investment into a future relationship. It was my job to bring him up right so that adult dog and I could be friends.

By about 10 months old I've have thumped anyone trying to take the dog away from me. Now he's 18 months old I'd kill them. I adore that stupid, arsehole dog. Just going to work makes me a bit sad to leave him.

The love comes. The bond comes. The blues fade. Promise.

Theoscargoesto Thu 21-Feb-19 10:14:04

As BiteyShark says, the relentlessness, total responsibility and constant demands are wearing. And add on top, for me at least, the restrictions: can't go out for more than a short time, got to be on hand every 20 mins to take them outside, on constant alert for wees, chewing etc. I felt very hemmed in, and seriously wondered if the breeder would have mine back a number of times in the first 8 weeks. It was only the shame of admitting defeat that stopped me picking up the phone.

But 9 months on, I have an 11 month old delightful dog who makes me smile a lot every day. It's still restricting, but the downsides far outweigh the ups, and I am glad I didn't give her back. Hang on in there!! And you are not a rubbish mum, you and your DC and the dog will all benefit from the work you;re putting in right now.

OverFedStanley Thu 21-Feb-19 11:39:46

Don't feel guilty re your DS - they are sooooo lucky to have time to spend with a puppy and not be at school all day.

A puppy is so much better than a soft play centre smile

It does get so much better but also do not worry too much. I feel there is so much pressure on what you have to do "right" to have the perfect puppy.

Enjoy the puppy , laugh at the silly antics and zoomies, enjoy the cuteness, sit down and relax when the puppy sleeps. This stage is very short and soon you will feel more in control again.

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