Nipping 10m old pup

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SilviaSalmon Wed 20-Feb-19 22:06:39

10 month working cocker. Generally happy and calm...until someone runs and then she tries to run after them and nip them in excitement. She is particularly excitable around DC as they are generally noisy and running around.

We have trained her not to nip our 6 year old, but when his friends are around she needs constant supervision or she will leap at them.

She has training twice a week, but it is not solving this problem. Does anyone have any advice?

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missbattenburg Thu 21-Feb-19 10:56:35


I would expect to have to constantly supervise a 10 month old dog around 6 year old guests regardless of the dog's behaviour. Either that, or separate them. I would not be allowing an excitable puppy to play or hang out with excitable children. At best you will have a dog that always finds children excite-able (this is not good), at worst someone is going to do something inadvertently to upset the other and you will have injuries, fears, etc to deal with.

With regards to training - twice a week will not cut it. Effective training will be clear, repetitive and practised every day in everyday situations.

You don't say what specific training techniques you are using but I would be thinking along the lines of teaching an incompatible behaviour when children are around - such as going and lying in a crate, with a kong or similar. Using a baby gate, lead, or similar to keep them physically apart.

EnidPrunehat Thu 21-Feb-19 11:05:08

Ten months really is no time at all. It was well into his second year that the words 'No Biting' (which I might as well have had recorded on a loop tape) had any real effect on my late-lamented JRT. That and time outs. I didn't have children to wind him up either so I recommend separating this over-excited combination from each other before it all gets silly. This is where crates or other safe spaces are ideal. But you need to train your children at the same time as you train your dog.

adaline Thu 21-Feb-19 14:20:11

Ten month old pups need constant supervision! Mine is one but when my nine year old niece comes over he's always on a lead because he just gets over-excited and jumps/nips.

Ours is really bad for jumping - we're using the arms crossed/turn away method which works but you need to be consistent which isn't always easy, especially when some people (note strangers in the street) encourage him to jump up for fuss!

Lots of consistency is key - and I would keep her on a lead around all children or put her in her crate.

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