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SlothMama Wed 20-Feb-19 09:53:04

I have an entire bitch for the first time and she's in season right now, it's not been as bad as I thought it was! She is our only dog so that must make it much easier. I bought some lovely dog pants from Glenndarcy because we have new furniture and carpets and she hates them!

TheyGotMyName Tue 19-Feb-19 21:18:48

Oh god.. I forgot what a pain, a season is ! My 10 month husky has been acting nuts for weeks and my (intact) male has started to notice the changes... today she started to bleed.... god it's annoying my other bitch was spayed a few years back and I honestly had forgotten what hard work it was... my girl is currently walking around with a pair on my dss boxers in with a nappy In them 不不不, I am giving her a break from it every hour or so to let her get some air and give herself a clean, go to the toilet etc... I've had to out the crate back up for her to sleep in,... I only put it away a few weeks back (now she holds through the night) it may be mean putting her back in but there is no way in hell I am having puppies again!!!! To be fair she doesn't seem to fazed by the boxers.... my male is less than pleased about it though..不不 soz dude you are not having your end away!

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