Puppy emergency trip to vets!

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Pringle89 Sun 17-Feb-19 17:08:17

My 5 month of pup is a bugger for eating random stuff, today she may or may not of swallowed a piece of bark (hubby wasn’t sure if he swallowed or dropped it when struggling to retrieve from his mouth) went to emergency vets (£178 ouch!) who said he seems ok but to monitor him, if he becomes unwell being him back - no point making him sick as can cause more damage on way back up.

Pointless post really other than how stressful puppies are - need a gin but can’t incase I need to drive to vets later 😭😭😭

Anyone else’s pup eat EVERYTHING edible or not?!

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sun 17-Feb-19 17:09:35

I can't tell you how many sticks DDog has eaten. He's still alive, and he's never been to the vet for it either!

Oddsocksandmeatballs Sun 17-Feb-19 17:10:48

Mine used to chew the bark off sticks too and never thought to take them to the vet because of it.

Pringle89 Sun 17-Feb-19 17:12:19

It was a bark chipping like you get in a kids playground, was over an inch long! I rang first and they recommended coming in, maybe I’m worrying over nothing?!

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BiteyShark Sun 17-Feb-19 17:14:43

Mine somehow survived puppyhood despite trying to eat stones. The tiny ones passed through him and we used to get the bigger ones off him as he used to try and chew them. Thankgod he grew out of that habit.

Shame he then decided to eat a rag as an adult which did require emergency surgery. Get used to them causing you stress grin

BiteyShark Sun 17-Feb-19 17:16:10

OP do you have insurance? If not get some quickly wink

Pringle89 Sun 17-Feb-19 17:19:49

@biteyshark We do have insurance!!

It’s a good job they are cute isn’t it 😂

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Sammy867 Sun 17-Feb-19 17:20:23

Yeah my dog used to shred massive branches that were even too long to get through a door walking.

Our cat tried to kill our pup this week so I feel your pain; she had gotten onto our shelf where fruit is stored (quite high up behind our skink) and pushed a punnet of grapes onto the floor. I came back to find ddog eating them.

Queue an emergency vet trip, injection to induce sickness and follow up blood test. The vet said she’d found loads of whole grapes as she hadn’t even bothered to chew them- obviously this was better for her as it meant the toxin wasn’t released. Cost us £110 all in so wasn’t too bad. She’s had a blood tests for kidney function and all was fine as vomiting was induced within 30 minutes thankfully. Your vet sounds expensive however.

BiteyShark Sun 17-Feb-19 17:23:26

Sammy867 On a Sunday our emergency vets have a consultation fee of £150 before any treatment/drugs etc.

Whilst that sounds expensive I have just had a 'normal' in hours consultation at a specialist vets. £240! It's a good job he's worth it wink

1happyhippie Sun 17-Feb-19 17:24:04

Oh mines a bit of a bugger for eating stuff she shouldn't.
I was once picking her poo up from the back garden and noticed it had bright red bits in. I was worrying as what it could be, then my dd told me the dog had pinched her babybell and ate it whole! Wax wrapper and all.
She has ate so many sticks and also a couple of stones. Stuffing out if soft toys and the odd bit of chocolate that she's managed to get hold of.
Still here, fit and healthy.
I'm sure he will be fine op

Booboostwo Sun 17-Feb-19 20:16:44

We made it to the vets this week because the puppy ate a bag of raisins the builders had left out. On the way there he vomited twice...and there were two large stones in the vomit so cue an extra x-ray just to be safe.

The vet asked me if I wanted to settle the bill there and then or put it on the account...silly woman, with so many days still left in February we shall be back so many more times!

Pringle89 Sun 17-Feb-19 20:26:19

These stories make me feel better! When do puppies grow out of eating random stuff?! I’m so over this stage 😂

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Booboostwo Sun 17-Feb-19 20:32:42

Last but one puppy calmed down at 2yo! It was a nightmare keeping everything away from him, but I think he was also an excessive chewer (still chews quite a bit and costs a fortune in bones and chews).

Current puppy was wonderful younger but for some reason is chewing everything at 7mo. Maybe some new teeth are coming through?

ATailofTwoKitties Sun 17-Feb-19 21:21:43

I found our young chump in the compost bin today eating god knows what. She’s nearly 4. Years, not months.

Given how many times we’ve been to the vet for raisins, socks and chocolate in the past year, I’m going for crossing my fingers and hoping it was only dead rats and apple cores this time.

flowersaremyfave Sun 17-Feb-19 21:28:06

Yep got a 5 month old puppy too and she will chew anything and everything. I retrieved no end of broken pegs today when I was trying to sort the washing line out 🙈 she drives me nuts 😤

Babyroobs Sun 17-Feb-19 22:05:34

My 18 month old cocker spaniel is still doing this. I started a thread last week because he was in pain and has a habit of swallowing socks. he eventually passed a piece of sock, goodness knows whether there's still more inside him but he seems fine now.

missbattenburg Mon 18-Feb-19 15:59:28

4 month old Battendog once ate some broken glass.

An ornament fell off the side beside him and I was very pleased with myself for reacting so quickly to get him into a crate while I looked for all the pieces. I searched around and found all but one piece that was about 1.5cm x 1.5cm.

I was just thinking where it had got to when I heard an ominous CRUNCH from inside the crate and looked up to see a smug springer swallowing and staring back at me. I searched gingerly in his mouth but found nothing.

Several tears,
One ultra sound,
One sedation,
One x-ray
One stomach pump later...

...he was back home asking for a bit of my cheese sandwich.

All puppies are arseholes grin

Wolfiefan Mon 18-Feb-19 16:02:34

Mine are through whole saplings as a pup. Yesterday I found a piece of hard brown plastic in her shite.
Puppies are buggers.

Pringle89 Mon 18-Feb-19 21:00:39

Thanks for all your replies! I feel better knowing it’s normal puppy behaviour eating random shit!

Has not learnt his lesson, we are having building work done and despite me trying to pick everything up he’s had bits of tile, mastic, plasterboard - even had a go at some wet plaster! FFS! Seriously gonna die of stress 😂

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BiteyShark Mon 18-Feb-19 22:04:47

I can categorically confirm that they don't learn their lesson. Or if they do they just move onto something else that they shouldn't be doing grin

MerryMarigold Mon 18-Feb-19 22:08:07

My pup chess everything but never swallows. I've found small bits of lego ink her mouth before, nice and chewed but she treats it like chewing gum. Also loves cotton wool face pads for some weird reason.

MerryMarigold Mon 18-Feb-19 22:09:33

At around 9 weeks I found her chewing on a very dead mouse that cat left in garden. Getting that out of her mouth was disgusting. But she's survived it all.

SpanielEars070 Mon 18-Feb-19 22:13:25

Ours chewed through a lamp cable at the weekend. That was plugged in.

I'm still going cold just thinking about it.

I'm very ready for her to be a grown up.

han01uk Mon 18-Feb-19 22:14:55

Yep...we have a very naughty dachshund who will eat everything in sight. His worst was a massive bag of chocolate raisins,needed stomach emptying from the emergency vets...he's pretty lucky to be alive to be honest some of the stuff he manages to eat... we wouldn't be without him but my goodness he's a pain (and an expensive one at that!)!!

Crockof Mon 18-Feb-19 22:16:53

Just be careful insurance won't pay out if something didn't actually happen

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