First season? Feel hugely stressed

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LadyLuna16 Sat 16-Feb-19 18:53:15

Hi, my miniature schnauzer puppy is 7 months old and we are waiting for her first season. My spider senses tell me she is changing. Her nipples seem more pronounced and she is a bit more active.

We are staying with my parents at the moment in a very popular dog area and my anxiety is really spiking. Please could I have some clear words of wisdom about when I will know she is in season and therefore have to keep her away from other dogs. Can I (with peace of mind and therefore hopefully no anxiety) wait until I see discharge? What am I looking for?

My mum has a neutered male and she will not leave him alone (playing with him) although we had a long car ride so she may just be playful because of that. But her dog is licking her vulva. Would be so that because she is coming in to heat?

Thanks so much. For some reason this is really making my anxiety bad (not at home so not as manageable) and I can’t think straight.

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Icklepup Sat 16-Feb-19 18:57:09

If the dog is paying attention to her area then she'll start soon.

LadyLuna16 Sat 16-Feb-19 19:01:49

Thanks. That is my feeling too. So do I still take her out? Let her off lead? We are at the beach so she will be playing with lots of other dogs.

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SomethingWithLemons Sat 16-Feb-19 19:26:23

I'd try to keep her on a lead. Our first dog came into season as we were going away camping (actually in the car). We asked other dog owners if their dogs were male/unneutured.

NotwhereIshouldbe Sat 16-Feb-19 19:27:40

You will definitely notice drops of blood when she is in season so you won't miss it. When it comes is another matter but I would keep her on the lead to be on the safe size. Check her vulva every day as this will balloon when she is in season!

Theoscargoesto Sun 17-Feb-19 09:09:20

Hi there. I started a thread about this a few weeks ago: I have an 11 month old dog just through her first season. Mine had swollen nipples for a few weeks before we saw any bleeding but when the bleeding started, although there was little evidence, it was visible (I noticed a spot of blood on my sheets one morning after she;d come up for a cuddle, and then a few spots on the floor. At that stage she cleaned herself a lot. It was later (week 2 or 3) when I saw more, more watery, red discharge.

Her rear end was obviously, visibly, swollen when she started to bleed, and if I wiped her with a bit of damp cotton wool, it came away pink. She was also very not herself, more cuddly, and off her food for the first week.

Until she started to bleed I walked her as normal. I understand that when they first start to bleed, they aren't interested in other dogs (though males may be interested in them): it's later on that they seek to mate.

My dog was swollen for a good 4 weeks, although the bleeding stopped after 3. I was advised to keep her on a lead and away from other dogs until it was clear the swelling was subsiding.

I hope that helps. I remember saying n my post that I hadn't realised dog ownership came with daily examination of her vulva!! The things one does for ones pets.......

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