What to do if DDog is attacked?

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TopDogs2019 Fri 15-Feb-19 19:54:05

Hi all, hoping for some advice for a situation that I hope I never find myself in! There has been a few local media stories recently regarding dogs both on and off lead being attacked by uncontrolled dogs in public spaces, and now I'm unnerved, because, truthfully, I wouldn't know what to do! I have two dogs who I let off lead, their recall is good, and we happily keep ourselves to ourselves when out, but they also love friendly canine company. But what do you do in the situation of them being attacked? In the reports the owner dropped the lead hoping her dog would run, but is this what you should do? Run where? And what about my other dog? Should i drop their lead too? I don't think my dogs would run, they are devoted to each other, and I think they would stay by me expecting me to protect them. What should I do??

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dudsville Fri 15-Feb-19 20:00:59

This kind of thing worries me too op. The worst I've had is my off lead dog being bitten. He was very shy, but an on lead dog looked like it wanted to say hello. Mid sniff the other dog suddenly growled and bit mine. Luckily it was a graze. On lead dog responded to my stern "hey!" and it sat. My off lead dog had started to run off but in response to my "hey!" immediately came and sat behind me. I felt like the dog whisperer. Thankfully i knew of the on lead dog and owner. I know the on lead Dog is reactive but had been doing well with training from its devoted owner. He was massively apologetic. We're all ok. I fear a bad situation but this was the worst I've encountered over many lucky years.

anniehm Fri 15-Feb-19 20:06:17

It's always a worry, I'm comforted because ddog is one of the quickest non greyhounds there is, my friends whippets can't catch him up! But I still worry

SamBaileys Fri 15-Feb-19 20:10:17

My biggest worry, we're surrounded by idiots here...thanks for asking, looking forward to some advice.

TopDogs2019 Fri 15-Feb-19 20:27:38

Glad to know others are worried as well. I always read the comments on the media stories, and lots of people (probably not dog owners) saying that all dogs should be on lead at all times, and muzzled too. I've worked so hard with my two, they are excitable, but well socialised, and their recall is great. But if that was the rule, we would sadly comply. But it wouldn't protect them from an out of control, off lead dog, which is my biggest fear.

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Viebienremplie Fri 15-Feb-19 20:36:19

I think about this often, we let our 9 month old pup off lead as she has good recall however I always call her to me if we see another dog while they are still in the distance and I don't let her go and say hello until the other owner has said it's ok, usually after I've put her on lead as well. I'm worried about our girl being attacked as I don't know what I'd do beyond trying to pull her out of a situation. It's a worry, fortunately we've not encountered an aggressive and badly controlled dog so far...

Our dog is completely non aggressive and believes every other dog and human is on this planet to be her friend. She is quite bouncy though which could be misconstrued I guess.

Watching replies with interest

Floralnomad Fri 15-Feb-19 20:45:11

My dog has been involved in 3 dog fights , none of which were instigated by him but being a proper terrier he does like to fight back . On all 3 occasions the dogs were bigger / heavier than him ( a staff , a bulldog and a Labrador) and on each occasion I ended up picking him up and holding him at my neck height whilst the other owner tried to get control of their own mad hound . This has however resulted in me being bitten twice once by the bull dog and during the lab fight by either that or my own dog I’m not sure . I would do the same again whatever dog was involved because I know he wouldn’t run away and I’d never forgive myself if he were badly injured .


FrostedSnowdrops Fri 15-Feb-19 20:53:43

I have the same worries. Luckily in 10 years I've only come across small dogs who have made contact with mine (he's a large breed) and so they've not done much damage because it has been easier to get away. My eldest would fight his corner, my youngest would not.

In the past I have picked my boy up. He's nearly 30kg and I'm not particularly strong but it's amazing what you can lift when you have to. Like I say it has been small breeds, one time he was growling back and the Westie was still attached to his face! I picked him up and the Westie fell to the ground pretty quickly. That was right opposite my old house outside a cafe in the village hmm

I think my instinct would be to flail the lead at the other dog and try to land a few good hits, or try and boot it away if I had my proper dog walking gear on. I'd give it a solid go anyway! I know some who carry mini cans of pepper spray.

wintersdawn Fri 15-Feb-19 21:15:40

I've had three dogs attacked in very different situations once on a lead and twice off. for the occasion whilst they were on the lead i dropped the lead because if you are pulling one way to try and help and the dog can break another way it just causes more complication.

It's very scary when it happens but most of the time it is over and broke apart very quickly. The only time I've had a real issue was when the dog that attacked mine had a fit and ended up locked on my dog whilst his owner just stood in the road going oh dear oh dear you'll never get him off now. I did and luckily our dog at the time had such a thick coat and it was mid winter that the only blood was mine achieved whilst i was separating them. The dog that attacked us was shot by a farmer later that year for hassling pregnant sheep it was the most unbalanced dog I've ever met.

Knowivedonewrong Fri 15-Feb-19 21:16:19

I usually carry a hiking pole with me.
My grumpy retriever would certainly hold his own, but my lovely friendly lab, I worry that she would get hurt because she can be submissive.

I wouldn't hesitate to jump in if either of my two got caught up in an attack. It's my job to protect them both.

DewDropsonKittens Sun 17-Feb-19 17:22:12

I also worry about this, we have a pup who is going to be huge (bullmastiff)

Doublethesarcasm Sun 17-Feb-19 17:33:35

I've had both my dogs attacked/bitten in different circumstances. Neither of my are instigators but their breed is such that people will blame them hmm
My girl dog was always attacked on lead and became very skittish and nervous out walking because of this. I admit I didn't know what to do at the time other than yell.

My boy was bitten as a pup sad he was playing off lead with another dog same breed. A black lab took offence to this and ripped my boys face open.
This was over before it even started as he hit the floor yelping and crying, no fighting back whatsoever. He's no fear reactive and I've learnt to read other dogs body language and not take my eyes off of anyone.
He's also no longer allowed to play with unknown dogs, he gets popped back on lead the minute I see another dog and I introduce if appropriate.

Like a pp said some carry walking sticks etc. I just prefer to avoid dog heavy areas now sad

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