Rescue dog peeing in the house

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MaMaMaMySharona Fri 15-Feb-19 13:53:58

We rescued our pup nearly 3 weeks ago. She's turning 3 in April so isn't a puppy, but we don't have any information about her previous life. She was in season when we got her, so due to be spayed at the end of next month.

We are more than comfortable with the fact she won't be perfect from the get-go and we have some work to do in getting her fully trained, but I was wondering if anyone can provide some insight into how they successfully trained their rescue pup not to pee in the house?

For background - we take her out to the toilet first thing in the morning, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon and then again in the evening and before bedtime (some walks, some garden visits). We have been praising all toilets and repeating 'wee wee' and 'toilet' for wees and poops respectively.

When we're in bed or out of the house, she's in her crate which she now seems pretty comfortable in.

She has yet to ask either of us to go to the toilet, although does mostly go on command now if we ask her to.

The last 2 days she has gone for a wee, and then within half an hour she squats on the rug in front of us and does it again. We both make loud noises and clap our hands and take her outside, wait for her to pee and celebrate with her - but I'm not sure this is having an effect -
she doesn't seem to realise going inside is wrong at the moment!

Any advice gladly received smile thanks!

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missbattenburg Fri 15-Feb-19 14:10:16

Assuming no medical reasons for it (e.g. UTI), you do it the same way you do with a small puppy - which is to say, you don't need to worry about her thinking it is 'wrong' to go in the house, she just needs to know it is 'right' to go outside.

That comes through minimising any opportunity for her to go indoors.

Watch her like a hawk at all times. When she looks like she might be about to go (pacing, sniffing, circling, general restlessness) then take her outside and give her the command to wee.

If you catch her going indoors then a simple interrupter and take her straight outdoors (as you are doing).

Clean up any indoor accidents extremely well, using an enzyme cleaner that will break down the urine molecules to prevent any tiny lingering scent confusing her.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. She will get there and she should get there much quicker than a puppy, though I would still expect it to take a few weeks.

BlueMerchant Fri 15-Feb-19 14:11:37

We were taking our pup out every half an hour and giving a treat (not great I know) and lots of fuss with every wee/poo. He had a couple of wee's in the house in the first week of us having him but when he did we didn't give him any eye contact or any attention at all. Cleaned it up then took him outside for a few minutes, again giving no eye contact and no talking to him. We sound awful, but it's honestly what worked for us.

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