Buying extra dog food before Brexit

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pigsDOfly Thu 14-Feb-19 19:08:27

My dog is on a special food for sensitive tummy. I'm thinking of getting twice my usual order when I order it in the next couple of weeks. Just in case.

I haven't actually worried too much about buying in a stock of food for me as I'm sure I'll find things to eat but I wouldn't want to have to start finding a different food for the dog when she's doing so well on this one.

fivedogstofeed Thu 14-Feb-19 15:57:31

Yep. I reckon the humans can do OK on rationed food but have got an extra order of Millies dog and cat food. Have also heard in good authority that pet food will not a priority when it all goes pear shaped.

StarbucksSmarterSister Thu 14-Feb-19 14:12:05

I am starting to get in extra for the cat, just an extra one every now and again.

DogInATent Thu 14-Feb-19 13:29:57

Yes. I've been watching Amazon Daily Deals and watching for deals/vouchers elsewhere to pick up a buffer stock of most things as a just-in-case. The same way we've put some stocks aside for us. None of it will go to waste regardless of anything that happens, and I'm trying to FIFO and manage expiry dates.

Kibble - to be bought this weekend as some vouchers came through the post last week worth about 15% off an 8-10 week sack (just started a fresh sack, this will be the reserve.

Wet food - Amazon have been having some very good Daily Deals on Lily's Kitchen and we've a couple of cases stashed away.

Dentastix - again, Amazon deals have had big discounts on a case of 112 (16 weeks worth).

Poo bags - sounds trivial, but we all get through several a day.

Bravecto/Milbamax - as they're both POMs they're not easy to get extras of and I don't really want to get a supply of cheap over-the-counter stuff that's less effective and I don't want to use anyway.

I've just had her titre test done this week to validate the rabies jab in her passport. If the UK defaults to an unlisted country as the result of a No Deal this will be the biggest impact on pet owners (if they want to travel with their pet). If she passes the titre and we No Deal, she'll be good to travel from late-May. If the titre fails and we have to revaccinate it will be early-July.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Thu 14-Feb-19 12:36:33

I've been putting a bit of extra food by for me in case there are shortages after Brexit but it got me thinking that I should get some extra dog food in for DDog as it's not going to be something that the government prioritises if there are problems at the ports. He doesn't do well on high grain / low meat diets so it's not something I want to risk - and as it all has a long shelf life I know it's going to be eaten, so there's no risk involved.

Anyone else doing the same?

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