When is the right time?

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sadDogOwner Wed 13-Feb-19 17:29:24

Just before Christmas I found a small lump on my dog's face, a trip to the vets led to an operation and whilst under it was discovered that my poor dog had extensive mouth cancer. We were called during the operation and asked if we wanted him pts, we asked the vets advise and she said if it was hers she would bring him home for Christmas and reassess after. The tumour was removed and after a short recovery the dog went back to being happy as Larry.

The diagnosis was a bit hazy, could be weeks, could be months. I am now in the awful position of having to make the call when. The dog is a spaniel and so pretty much always appears happy so it is difficult to see how he feels. The tumour is growing again and it bothers him when he is resting in the evening but when he is occupied he is happy. I obviously want him around as long as possible but I am petrified that I will either take him to the vets too soon or, conversely, not take him soon enough and let him suffer.

I am making the most of time we have left and doing all the things that he loves, taking him to the beach, letting him sleep in our bedroom at night (never allowed before), and having lots of hugs. He would be having the time of his life but he is tired a lot and sad he cannot have dried food as his mouth is sore and as a consequence he is really hungry.

Has anyone ever been through anything similar and is it obvious when the right time comes?

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RedHelenB Wed 13-Feb-19 18:09:00

If he's not happy all the time I personally would pts now. After I prolonged my cats life by having her operated on and realising it was more for me than her I would always pts if there was no cure.

Fluffypot333 Wed 13-Feb-19 22:10:55

I would put to sleep ,imagine how he is feeling being hungry all the time not able to enjoy his food.It is better to do so now that when it gets to point of him being totally miserable and having to be brought to vets in an emergency.

MaisyMary77 Sat 16-Feb-19 16:12:00

I’m so sorry OP, you’re in exactly the same position we found ourselves in with our lovely dog last year. We did exactly the same as you; beach trips, sleeping in our room etc... I would try anything in an effort to get him to eat, in the end he was surviving off biltong (I started to make my own with a dehydrator) and cheese. He was only 5. I think I knew when it was time when he decided he no longer wanted walks and just spent his time sleeping. Letting him go was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I think you’ll know when it’s time.

If you ask, the vet might be able to come to your house. Ours did and we were all with him when he slipped away.

All the best and sending a big hug. flowers

Puppywithattitude Sat 16-Feb-19 16:20:51

Don't let him become uncomfortable, I remember being so sad when my parents had our dog pts, it was well overdue and I think you can get to the stage where you kid yourself they aren't that bad because you are so desperate not to let them go.

eastwestnorth Sat 16-Feb-19 17:31:50

My beautiful girl had cancer on her gum. I had her for another two months. She was still eating but the tumour got bigger and was bothering her. I felt it was probably time, and that very day it got quite warm in the afternoon and she couldn't cope, so that made the decision.
With hindsight I wish it had been done a few days earlier.

If I were you I wouldn't wait much longer. His pleasure is already being curtailed by his tiredness and inability to eat properly. They are so stoical that they hide a lot of their discomfort.
He's had a great time with you. Remember that.

Honeyroar Sat 16-Feb-19 23:03:15

You sound like you’ve been fantastic with him, and giving him a wonderful time, doing all the things he loves. But if he’s tired and hungry due to the cancer then he’s starting to suffer and it’s only going to get worse, not better. So I think it’s sadly time already. It’s such a horrible decision, but making it means he doesn’t feel any pain or illness.


sadDogOwner Sun 17-Feb-19 12:40:22

Thank you all, my beautiful dog made his last journey to the vets on Thursday. I am so lucky to have had him in my life.

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Honeyroar Sun 17-Feb-19 12:42:37

I’m really sorry. It’s a horrible thing to have to do, but you did the right thing. Remember how wonderful he was and look after yourself.x

Puppywithattitude Sun 17-Feb-19 13:23:33

I'm so sorry, I hope you are ok.x

eastwestnorth Sun 17-Feb-19 16:13:00

I'm sorry. You were both lucky.

MaisyMary77 Sun 17-Feb-19 16:23:40

I’m so sorry xxx

BiteyShark Sun 17-Feb-19 16:27:26

So sorry flowers

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